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What we’re about

If you are interested in playing football (incl. futsal and soccer), this is the group for you. 

You don't need to care about nationalities, ages, genders, and levels.
I try to make events every week at least, and maybe more games and more specific events when this group becomes big enough.
I'd really love to meet you and play football, and looking forward to communicating to all of you.
Let's play football. You are very much welcomed.


[Date] Every Sunday morning
[Location] Futsal courts in Saitama/Gunma

[Price] 1,500 JPY - 2,000 JPY per player for 2 hours game

[Level] From very beginner to experienced player. 

[日時] 毎週日曜日の午前
[場所]   埼玉にあるフットサルコート
[料金] おひとり2時間のゲームで 1,500円 - 2,000円 
[レベル] 初心者から経験者まで

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