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Are you looking for ways to practice English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish or Italian? This group hosts events in these languages, sometimes separately, sometimes together. It's also a great group for learning about the cultures where these languages are spoken. Come join us for Cultural Fusion in Lyon!

Leaders' Background: Fábio and Johnna have lived in Brazil, the U.S., Canada, Spain, Japan, Belgium, and now France. Fábio has Italian and Portuguese roots and Johnna is a pretty typical American with a mix of European roots from a few generations ago (British, French, Belgian, German). They love to meet new people, drink good coffee, try new food and talk about travel, movies, philosophy, history, psychology and languages. Come to one of our events and be part of what happens naturally in these spaces - a fusion of cultures and interests!

Upcoming events (4+)

Personal Development and Seminar: What is the Secret to Happiness?

Who wants to be happy? Everyone! But.... how can we be happy? What is the secret to happiness?

Fábio was born in Brazil. He lived in Brazil, Canada, Spain, the U.S., Japan and currently lives in France. After taking a year off after high school to study guitar, he went back to school for a degree in Business in São Paulo, then went on to get a Master in Marketing at Universidad de Barcelona. He also has experience in Human Resources training as a consultant. He got his Spiritual Direction certificate in 2020 and recently started a Master in Divinity at North Park Theological Seminary located in Chicago. He loves to talk about history, coffee, psychology, spirituality, ancient civilizations, quantum physics, Stoicism, and the most controversial topic of all - soccer!

Fábio invites you to reflect on what it means to live a happy life. Does it exist?
What does success look like? Is it even possible?
Is there any difference between being successful and leading a meaningful life?
Could I have a meaningful life without becoming a celebrity?
Does becoming a celebrity guarantee that I will have a meaningful life?

Come and join me!
It will be great to meet you.


Conversation en Français // French Conversation

La Causerie

STARTING IN 2022, WE WILL REQUIRE A DIGITAL ANNUAL PASS THAT YOU CAN RECEIVE BY DONATING AT LEAST 1 EURO. SUGGESTED DONATION IS 10 EUROS AND THAT COVERS THE ENTIRE YEAR AND BOTH OF OUR GROUPS, INTERNATIONAL HANGOUT and COFFEE AND ENGLISH. You can bring CASH when you come, or I'll be sending out an email with my PayPal address and RIB for your to send a bank transfer. Thank you for being part of Cultural Fusion!!

18h-18h10 - arrival, introductions
18h10-18h30 - informal conversation, organized by level of French
18h30-19h45 - structured conversation in three groups (Absolute Beginner / Beginner Conversation / Advanced Conversation)
19h45-20h - final words and closing with everyone


Tandem linguistique/lingüístico Français-Espagnol/Epañol-Francés

Bienvenue dans notre petite communauté d'hispanophones et francophones à Lyon. On démarre en grand groupe pour nous connaître puis répartition en petits groupes (5 ou 6 personnes) pour faciliter la prise de parole de chacun…On pratiquera le Français pendant 30-45 minutes et puis, l'Espagnol pendant le meme temps mais dépendra du nombre de personnes parlant les deux langues pour faciliter la conversation.
L'intention est que dans chaque groupe, il y ait une personne qui connaît les deux langues à un niveau de base pour encourager la conversation si nécessaire.
Merci de penser à vous desinscrire si vous ne pouvez pas être présents…pour permettre d’accueillir ceux qui sont en liste d’attente !!

Bienvenidos a nuestra pequeña comunidad de hispanohablantes y francofonos en Lyon. Comenzamos en un grupo grande para conocernos y luego nos dividiremos en grupos pequeños (5 o 6 personas) para que sea más fácil para todos hablar...Practicaremos francés durante 30-45 minutos y luego el mismo tiempo en español pero dependerá de cuanta gente hable los dos idiomas para facilitar la conversación.
La intención es que en cada grupo haya una persona que conozca ambos idiomas a un nivel básico para animar la conversación en caso de necesidad.
Recuerde darse de baja si no puede estar presente ... ¡para acomodar a los que están en la lista de espera!

Let's meet international & local friends and play soccer!

15 Quai de la Gare d'Eau

REQUIRED: Annual Cultural Fusion Digital Pass (Suggested Donation: 10 euros. You can pay cash at any of our events or ask Johnna for her PayPal or RIB. A one-time donation will get you the digital pass and will cover all of our events in both International Hangout and Coffee and English for all of 2022).

Join us to play soccer and meet people from all around the world!

15 Quai de la Gare d'Eau, 69009 Lyon

Language: ANY language as long as you get along with your team (French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arab, Portuguese, your mother tongue...)


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Conversation en Français // French Conversation

La Causerie

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