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We are the Organizers of the International Cooking Dinner Parties meetup.

Since we test out a lot of recipes, we thought it would be a great idea to create a Potluck Meetup where we share and explore new recipes. A potluck is a kind of meal where each guest brings a prepared dish to be shared among the group. It's such a fun way to have a get together without the host going into the trouble of having to make a seven course meal!

The most unique aspect of a potluck party is that there is an element of surprise in them, as the guests have no idea what they might get to eat or drink. So, for each Meetup we will pick a theme and each person gets to make a dish and bring a bottle of wine or beverage to share. You'll get to choose to bring a dish belonging to a particular course category, be it a salad, a dessert, a pasta dish, a meat dish, fish or a casserole. If you are assigned to a particular course please inform us as to exactly what kind of dish you would be bringing and that the dish should belong to that particular course and theme. This will provide more variety to the food served during the party and to help us ensure a good balance of courses.

We ask that each dish be large enough to be shared among a good portion (but not necessarily all) of the anticipated guests. If there are many people attending the party, the serving size of each dish does not need to equal the number of guests. Everybody will take only a small portion of each dish when there are many from which to choose. All dishes should be prepared in advance. Nobody should do more in the kitchen than pop something in the oven for reheating. The dishes should be easy to transport.

The potluck parties will be held at our house in San Francisco in Diamond Heights / Glen Park Neighborhood. We will provide serving platters, baskets, wine glasses and utensils.

This Potluck Meetup is a celebration of friendship; an opportunity for new and old friends to come together and share fine food and great company.

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