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New to Berlin? and looking for friends going to dance Salsa / Bachata/ Merengue??
No Idea about German?! Don't worry! Just join our international community and hang out together :) We speak English and we organize many different event!

If you like to learn dancing!! please check our website (https://ismdancestudio.com)!

Come and experience a trial class now for only 10 Euros! If you choose to sign a contract at the end of the trial class we will refund the 10 Euros immediately!

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Beginners Salsa & Bachata Lesson for trial


Heeey guys, Do you like to learn Cuban Salsa??? or you want to get to know new people through dancing?? Now we have lots more leaders, so ladies participants are more than welcome! Every Saturday!! 15:00 : Bachata Beginners (55 minutes) 16:00 : Beginners Salsa Lesson ( 55 Minutes) Price: Salsa / Bachata class 29 Euro + VAT (Monthly) Salsa & Bachata class 49 Euro + VAT (Monthly) Trial Price: 10 Euro (Free for ladies) If you make a contract, you will get back the 10 euro after the class! Registration is not required, just come to the studio or feel free to write us message! Berlinakupunktur Bergmannstrasse 5 Gesundheitszentrum, 10961 Berlin, Germany How to get to Berlinakupunktur. If you find the Edeka, then just 1) go up the stairs 2) right, then first door 3) Go to second floor 4) Then go to left 5) You will find "Akupunkutur Praxis" Berlin Akupunktur

Bachata Sensual Class for intermediate


Sensual Bachata is a new, modern bachata, marked with the basic step of dominican bachata retouched and stylized given it a more sensual flow, the partner work connection is more sensual and soft, come try!!!! The cores of sensual bachata are: - Isolations - Bodywaves/-rolls - Partnerwork - some footwork - and a lot of dynamic combinations The level of the class will be intermediate. So if you already dance bachata since more than 3 month or other pair dances for a longer term and want to learn something new? Come and join my class and enjoy the world of sensual bachata! My goal is to teach you every week something new so we can improve all together step by step. WHEN: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Bachata Sensual Lesson B1 - B2: Intermediate HOW MUCH: 29 Euro + VAT ( Monthly ) 49 Euro + VAT( 2 classes Monthly ) Trial Price: 10 Euro If you sign up, you get back the trial fee! Instructor: John Alexander A longer contract is also possible for a better price.

Kizomba class for beginners


Do you like to start Kizomba? Then this is the right course for you! We will start from the basic steps in this February. Instructor ; Felipe semedo Dance partner is required! There are platforms you can look for! and you can also contract us. In this beginners course, you will learn how to walk and move together smoothly with your partner to the rhythms in Kizomba music. This class will show you how to step and move to the core rhythms in the dance and teach you common step patterns that you can then use to express what you hear in the music. You will also learn about saidas: moves that disconnect you from your partner and allow you to reconnect to make the dance more dynamic. WHEN: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm Kizomba beginners A1 (Sun) No class during the easter vacation (19-22.April) HOW MUCH: trial : 5 Euro 13 Euro for each lesson drop-in 50 Euro for 5 lessons ticket 90 Euro for 10 lessons ticket If you have a contract with ISM, you can also use it. Once a week class is 30 Euro / Month 2 lesson/week is 50 / Month Instructor: Flip Fe A longer contract is also possible for a better price. Where is Berlinakupunkur? If you find the Edeka, then just 1) go up the stairs 2) right, then first door 3) Go to second floor 4) Then go to left 5) You will find "Akupunkutur Praxis" Berlin Akupunktur

Salsa / Bachata Intermediate to advanced class

Pole Stars Berlin

We are starting Salsa/Bachata intermediate to advanced class! Come with your dance partner!! Dance shoes or indoor shoes is MUST. 20:00 Urban Bachata 21:00 Salsa Cubana Conditions to join this lessons. 1. Dance experience more than 1 year in any styles. ( Not party dancer, learning experience at the class or workshops ) 2. Cuban Salsa Class : Dilie que no, Setenta, Sombrero, Guapepa, Inside turn, Outside turn, Musicality 3. Urban Bachata Class : dance with musicality, body wave, turn 4. Dance shoes or indoor shoes We have a placement test, and during the first four classes, the instructor will evaluate each dancer to make sure the class is appropriate in level. Step up to the challenge! This course focuses on taking your dancing to the next level. Advanced level turn patterns, technique and skill development. Execute double spins, multiple turns and variations, intricate choreography, advanced level syncopations and sexy styling. Adapt and combine your moves to suit the level of your partner. Learn how to accent beats in the music, be more playful with the song and with your partner and express yourself through styling. Monthly Price: 29 Euro + VAT ( 1 class per week ) 49 Euro + VAT( 2 classes per week ) Trial Price: 10 Euro If you sign up, you get back the trial fee!

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