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We search for like minded individuals to share the ideas of self-awareness and create a forum to explore the possibilities of what we can become. Self-Awareness is Observation. Observation is Mindfulness. These words have been used interchangeably throughout the ages, but they are often poorly understood, and usually a purely intellectual concept and not something real, leading to higher possibilities of awareness and truth (the pure perception of what exists in our life). In fact, a deep state of mindfulness defines the true nature of "being," of existing and manifesting beyond all of the frenzy of every-day life, here and now, detached from the strong grip of ego-principle: money, anger, fear associated with many of the basic needs of life which we often bring to excess. If you are interested in mindfulness, yoga meditation, self-exploration, transformation, wellness, philosophy, meditation, self-improvement, consciousness, personal growth, spirituality, self empowerment, personal development, health & support, spiritual growth, leadership by use of emotional intelligence, or even cognitive sciences: then come and join us to begin this amazing journey. Many of us are searching. Searching for people peace and calm within, for that quiet place inside that emanates joy and profound happiness. (True) Happiness that is deep and concrete has no real "opposite" (sadness), it is distinct and steady, not erratic like the feeling of 'elation' that comes with owning a new car, or a piece of fancy clothing. Practices such as all forms of yoga and meditation help us create this inner peace, stay mindful and conscious. I have searched for spiritual growth through reading of subjects such as philosophy, self-improvement, self empowerment and studying the teachings of all times and ages, and across many disciplines - Philosophy, Art, Science, and Religion. At the end, it is the Practice, The "little doings" that solidify all of the ideas and make them a tool for improving your life and transcending your biggest limitations and fears.

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