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WE ARE NOT ACTIVE ON MEETUP, VISIT US ON OUR WEBSITE: http://www.empowerinternationalstudents.com

We are a community-driven organization supporting international students in career development.

We provide career development support for international students to help them jump-start their careers in Canada. Our programming is primarily delivered through networking events, professional development workshops, a one-on-one mentorship program, and other various opportunities.


Yes we get it, being an international student is not easy.


Our mantra is that everybody has a unique value to offer regardless of where they are from, we are here to EMPOWER, motivate and guide you to grow as a professional and reach your fullest potential in this new country.

We build confidence and pave a way for each international student to successfully breakthrough their own potential through series of events and workshops, 1:1 career-focused support system and various leadership opportunities.

Join us and learn from lived experiences from local professionals/newcomers. Connect, have fun and make new friends with those who understand you best.


You can expect the following topics at our MeetUps:

• Career Development

• Mentorship

• Connect with established industry professionals

• Job Searching Topics (Resume, Cover Letter, Interview)

• Make New Friends!

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Get Hired in Tech: Learn from a Hiring Manager

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Get hired in tech as an international candidate! Learn how to stand out in the process.Getting hired in tech companies as international students, this webinar is for you. You will get the opportunity to learn directly from a hiring manager at Pay by Phone and know exactly what hiring managers look for in international candidates and what you need to do in order to stand out. Whether you are a recent graduate or a current international student who is interested in breaking into tech, this webinar will teach you everything you need to know throughout the entire hiring process. This webinar is for any positions in the tech companies ranging from technical roles to non-technical (business) roles. Walk away with: • Strategy on how to land your first job in the tech industry • How to position yourself as an international student in the tech industry • Sorting job postings in tech strategically • Technical interview process • Networking your way into a tech firm Learn from a software development manager, Maria Bances, from a leading tech company in Vancouver.

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