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If there is one group you need to join its this one! We want to create events that cater to people who have an international mindset. People who like traveling and ofcourse people who are in Vancouver from other countries. ESL and International students are very welcome. Canadians who are interested in meeting people from other countries are also welcome :) Lets have fun events in Vancouver. if you are kinda bored with coffee get togethers and seeing the same people over and over again, please join. Here is the instruction: We do not want people who just join every Meetup group, and then never show up to any events. We want people who are actually interested in meeting new people. Anyone who has joined more then 5 Meetup groups will not be permitted. We just dont think that its possible to attend events of 20-30 meetup groups. Its not fair to people who are new here and want to make friends. If you attend our events and dont like them you can certianly remove yourself from the group. But lets create a great community of fun and interesting people!

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International Party

Rise HQ

Watch World Cup! Brazil vs Croatia

Sidecar Tapas & Cocktails

International Pub Night!!

Lux Lounge

International Pub Night!

Lux Lounge

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