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There are so many people who come to this beautiful city to absorb the culture and learn the language. It can be rather lonely for some of us as while we want to immerse into the French society we yearn ever so often to connect with other cultures including our own.
This meetup is designed to bring together internationals and expats who are in Paris in order to learn French and for French people who are keen to learn or practice other languages with international people. How better to ensure the we have interaction amongst the wider society and better mutual understanding and relationships.

We will meet regularly for drinks and dinners a few times a month.

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Make new friends! (21 to 50) - Meet ladies and gentlemen (Free Drink/Hosted)

Please come and join us for a wonderful evening of making new friends with like minded ladies and gentlemen at the Pop In Bar. You will be welcomed by your host Nelly and also be introduced to some of the other attendees. All our members also get exclusive FREE welcome drink. Join us and get started on making new connections and friendships! Our last social we had over 30 members present and this time wont be no different! Please click on the link below to purchase your ticket: https://francefriends.eventbrite.co.uk Have a look at photos from our recent meetups and see what you have been missing! http://bit.ly/MeetupPictures Some Important Points:- - Our area is booked for MEETUP/NELLY - This meetup is for members between the ages of 21 to 50 who want to make new friends in a safe and comfortable environment. Please come early to chat with members. You have no excuse to miss this event..! - FREE welcome drink for all our members! - Your host for the evening is NELLY who will not only welcome you to our reserved area but also help you mix and mingle. No more nervousness, no awkward silences, no fiddling with your phone or staring into glasses. You will find yourself saying more hellos, shaking more hands and making more friends. Please come early as it is far easier to meet new people then. Please request NELLY for help with introductions. -Please be aware that about 95% of those who attend come alone and about 75% are attending for the first time. You will not be alone. We know how you may feel and so NELLY will take care of you. -Everyone attends these events to meet other members and so there is no reason to be shy or bashful. Also be aware that most people come alone. NELLY is there to look after you and make you comfortable. -Please be aware that we are not a dating group. Our events are not organised to help your dating life or to make romantic matches. Our group is created to help ladies and gents meet other like minded ladies and gents and make new friends. This could be for singles or for those who are not single. Please do not attend our event if a perfect gender balance is important for your enjoyment of our meet-up ------------------------------ Event cost: Early Bird tickets - € 5 each Regular tickets - € 10 each (If you do not purchase tickets in advance but want to come then please show up on the day and give € 15 cash to NELLY when you meet her) Please click on the link below to purchase your ticket: https://francefriends.eventbrite.co.uk ------------------------ This meetup is organised with www.connectwithlocals.com. Please watch the video below to see why you should attend our meetups. http://bit.ly/whyattendoursocials

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