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We shall get together through zoom (may be Webex) to discuss Films Noirs that we would have seen on our own. The films chosen are available free or for a small fee in youtube or other platforms.

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40th Film Noir goes to Chabrol : The cry of the owl (1987) and Les Biches (1968)

Event as always at noon NY time.
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The cry of the owl (1987) in two parts

From a story by P. Highsmith (1962) Chabrol filmed the ultimate (neo) noir: sense of doom and downfall, an existentialist pathos where everyone is led by emotions and obsessions. The main character realizes he's caught in a spider's web that embroils him to the point of hopelessness. The cinematography by Jean Rabier reflects the darkness of the characters, and only the workplace is luminous. I particularly appreciated the film editing by Monique Fardoulis.

Les Biches (1968) is also loosely based on a P. Highsmith's story. Slow film which takes the first one hour (of 1h 34')...doing what?

A nice TCM write up on Chabrol

Bonus: Purple Moon (1960) based on same book, same screenwriter of Les Biches: Paul Gégauff, and directed by Réné Clément.

Claude Chabrol's homage to Hitchcock better than most

41st Film Noir goes personal: Brief encounter (1945) and Indian Summer (1972)

Event as always at noon NY time.
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Brief Encounter (1945) was called a "domestic noir" and indeed it shares the structure, the embedded social commentary and the visual aesthetics of traditional noirs. It is full of existential angst and foretells doom and loss. One of my all time favorite films.


Indian Summer !1972), Italian title La prima notte di quiete (the first quiet night, with no dreams, from Goethe) is as existentialist as they come and Alain Delon gives the performance of a lifetime. Note that it is being shown in MOMA in Feb, lucky us in the city:-))

A commentary: ""La Prima Notte di Quiete" is a cold, melancholic, cruel and tragic story, with magnificent performance of Alain Delon, perfectly developing the character of a desperate atheist man in existentialistic crisis. The beautiful cinematography and the music score are cold, as the environment of Rimini, Sonia Petrova is one of the most gorgeous actresses I have ever seen and is also perfect in the role of a young woman with a hidden past. The personal dramas are disclosed and developed in a slow pace and are very sad"


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