• English Stand Up Comedy - 'Almost Austrian' by Okello Dunkley

    Watch clips: https://youtu.be/473ZZlrxVOk Okello Dunkley is an American comedian from New York that has been living in Vienna, Austria since 2015. In anticipation of submitting a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 2019, he’s put together a show about his life in the US and why in the hell he decided to move to Vienna almost 4 years ago. This show is for (but is not limited to) anyone that: -has had to deal with immigration -wonders why all of the stores are closed on Sunday -wonders why Americans love guns -wonders why I don’t let people scroll through pictures on my phone anymore -wonders why Vienna is so beautiful, but the people are so Viennese This will be a fun show and he promises no lederhosen, singing or Schuhplatteln! Tickets €15 oeticket and at the door: https://bit.ly/2Te2Jq8 Photo credit: Stefan Joham Photography Hosted by Jack Holmes- This event is in English (except for some badly pronounced German words)


    Gumpoldskirchen Bahnhof

    Dear RunDUMaDUMers, This months hike is exploring the lower part of Vienna and the surrounding area. Baden & Gumpoldskirchen are part of the Genusemeile Wienerwald hike held for the first two weeks in September 2019, where one can walk between Sooß and Mödling through the fields and grab a wine or two along the way. It is safe to say it is a very nice weekend of wine and food. The walk is a real blend of Alpine landscape through a beech & oak tree canopies and open Wiener Wine fields. We start in Gumpoldskirchen Bahnhoff at 10:45am, a little later than usual, so a little sneaky lie in to be had. Heading west into the base of the hills and we jump onto the Genusemeile wanderweg and walk south into Baden hills before walking into the Kurpark. Baden is a Spa town frequented by Lords, Ladies and High society in the summer months to visit nobility and the house of Hapsburgs. We take a short walk from the OBB station and into the Kurpark, from here we wind our way through the Alpine woods and towards the back of Baden before we eventually get to Thereisenwarte view point and view the wonderful panoramic towards the east of Vienna. Baden has numerous Heuriger and we shall drop off into one of these after our Kurpark excursion, If you wish to stay for a bite to eat please leave a short message below this posting. https://www.thermenregion-wienerwald.at/en/the-genussmeile Journey details -------------------- Squidge factor @ 2 Loose stones & gravel @ 4 Hilly walking @ Oh für sure! What else? Ice factor @ 0 Snow factor @ 0 Cold factor @ 19 c Sunny 404 m ascending and descending 4 hrs approximately 12 km's approximately Start : 10:45 hrs @ Gumpoldskirchen Bahnstiege Stop : 15:00 hrs @ Baden Bei Wien Return journey : Forward journey by the 10:02 S3 from Hauptbahnhof Cost €4.70 w/o discounts. Vor and Zurück @ €10.00 w/o discounts ***************************************************************** Please don`t forget: ▪ Sticks / Nordic poles / British canes could be useful (some downhill walking) ▪ No FLIP FLOPS, LOOSE, CASUAL or SLIPPERY footwear ▪ Hiking boots are not a must but consider we will be walking through the woods, sometimes, with loose stone trails ▪ To bring water and energy bars / food * We are punctual in leaving on time. A chance to catch the good weather :-) **We are on Messenger / FB / WhatsApp and can pick up messages too ******************************************************************

  • 🕺 Wanna try something new? 💃 Learn to dance Kizomba

    Kizomba is a social dance and a great way to get to know many new lovely people. 💃🕺 It describes both, a music style and a dance style. It comes originally from Angola and the word means "party" in the Kimbundu language. These past years Kizomba has been influenced and spread in Europe. Here in Austria we have international teachers with many years of experiences trying to reach out to new people. >>THIS IS YOUR CHANCE<< learn the basic steps in only 2 hours What is needed? - Curiosity for learning dancing and getting to know people - You can come with a partner, friends or alone LOCATION: Vino Wien Lichtenfelsgasse 3, 1010 Wien TIME: Sunday 5pm until 7pm with Open End (stay to continue dancing or stay to drink with us at the bar) ENTRY FEE: 15 Euros - This entry fee is to cover the costs of the location and pay the teacher. Price Includes: - 2 hours of Workshop - Social night - Some bad but funny jokes (most of the times) ________________________________________________________________________________ Wanna see more about Kizomba? Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oADxzs1k1jM ________________________________________________________________________________ Terms & Conditions • No own drinks are allowed! No exception will be made. • Participation in the event at your own risk. • No liability for accidents. • No Liability for loss or damage to any of your belongings. • Any changes (schedule, DJs,...) may be applied at short notice. • By entering the event site the participants grant the permission to be photographed, filmed or recorded. All material and citations may be used for marketing, promotional or other purposes without compensation.

  • Sprachen Cafe : German / English

    House Of Bandits

    This Event is organized in collaboration with: House of Bandits https://www.houseofbandits.at If you would like to meet new friends and practice all the languages you can speak, then join us for a fun-filled evening! During this event, you have the chance to choose a Group and talk to people in: 1. English 2. German This is a free Event, however, there are a few simple things to keep in mind. Please read the Rules and FAQ in the Discussion section of the event on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/287480882167288/permalink/287498252165551/ Our most important rule: Please be respectful to others at all times. Yes, there will be a separate beginners Group if you aren't Fluent in the language yet! It is also a great place to find Tandem Partners for the languages you want to improve in! Get in touch with the Host at your arrival and he/she will assist you. You can discuss with other guests through House of Bandits Facebook Page/Groups. This is a FREE EVENT. Hope to see you there!!!

  • Café de la Lengua Española


    Dear Friends!! A word of caution to those of you who wish to take part in our Sunday group event for advanced Spanish speakers - we are an active group of people (native speakers and those who spent many years in Spanish-speaking word)- meeting to chat about a whole range of different topics. If your Spanish level is that of a beginner, you might struggle to keep up with the conversation. Our group is not a workshop for improving Spanish communication skills but rather an informal get-together to use the already mastered fluency in the Spanish tonge!! Como su nombre indica, es un evento para hablar exclusivamente español y es necesario tener un nivel adecuado para poder participar en las conversaciones y disfrutar del evento. El local al que vamos ahora ha cambiado de nombre. Se llama City of Angels, y además de la comida californiana, sigue teniendo también comida mexicana. Invita a tus amigos y anímales a pasar un rato agradable con nosotros (nos encanta conocer gente nueva!!). Más se encuentra en el distrito 8 entre las estaciones de metro U2 Rathaus y U6 Josefstädterstraße. Alternativamente puedes venir usando los tranvías 5,33, 43 y 44 y el autobus 13A. Este evento ha sido publicado en Couchsurfing, Internationals In Wien (Meetup) y en Polyglot. No olvides compartir el evento con otras personas interesadas y recomendar a tus amigos que se apunten a nuestro grupo de Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/426629184137458/

  • Morning Vigil against Child rights violations in Norway

    Reisnerstraße 54-56

    May I ask you to join me for a good cause? Maybe you're aware of the international criticism Norway faces on its child welfare system. Children are being removed from their parents far too quick for no good reasons. Several of these cases are pending before the European Court of Human Rights. Media like BBC, Arte, ORF and others have reported it. On July 23rd, 2013, Norway's Child Protective Services ("Barnevernet") took 19-month-old Tyler from his mother Amy Jakobsen, an American citizen. Amy was accused of still nursing Tyler. Doctors told Amy that 19-month-old Tyler should weigh 10 kg (~22lb) instead of 9.6 kg (~21 lb). According to growth charts, 9.6 kg is a completely normal weight for a boy Tyler's age. But Barnevernet thought they knew best. They seized Tyler and placed him in a foster home immediately, without any investigation. This is not only a case of Government overreach but also a clear violation of Article 9 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. An other court trial just took place on 29. & 30. April 2019, as the Norwegian authorities now want to finalize forced adoption for Tyler. The verdict is expected end of May or early June. This might be Amy's LAST chance to regain custody for her child or at least get visitation rights back. She was deprived of both as Norway's CPS views her American citizenship as potential abduction risk. With this public protest we want to appeal to the Norwegian Government to respect fundamental Children's rights and to reunite Tyler with his loving mother Amy. ➡️ Detailed background story: https://stepup4childrensrights.com/breastfeeding-not-allowed-the-case-of-amy-j/ ➡️ Current online petition: https://citizengo.org/en/node/161492 The protest will take place in Vienna near the Norwegian Embassy. Posters will be provided. Address: Reisnerstraße 54-56, 1030 Wien

  • Latin Comedy Night in English!


    English stand-up comedy from around the globe! We proudly present Vienna's first Latin comedy night in English, featuring headliner André de Freitas! André de Freitas is a portuguese comedian currently based in London. Both a comedian and an actor, André has established himself as a rising star in the UK comedy scene, while also working on TV and film. André regularly gigs across the UK and has opened for comedians Ed Byrne (UK) and Tom Rhodes (USA), as touring with Rui Sinel de Cordes on a sold out tour across Portugal. Now having recently finished his first solo international tour, André is eager to make his Austrian debut on the Vienna Chuckles stage! ★ “Great writing, slick delivery and confident stage presence.” — The Comedy Cafe ★ “André has a great ability to tell stories, his timing is great and he has a lot of charisma.”— The Stand Newcastle ★ “Don’t let his baby face fool you. This kid’s got proper comedian jokes.”— Rui Sinel De Cordes Support Acts: Jamie Allerton (UK) Sonja Pikart (DE) Hosted by Reginald Bärris Comedy (This show is entirely in English) Doors Open: 20:30 Show Starts: 21:00 Entry: 15€ (12€ w/ student ID) Don't miss out on the fun! Get your ticket now and save a few bucks: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/latin-comedy-night-in-english-tickets-59378359271

  • German Language Cafe


    ***Neues Lokal: Dirtwater Kaffeehaus*** Adresse : Kandlgasse 35, 1070 Wien U6/Strassenbahnen 18/6 Burgagasse, Strassenbahnen in Kaiserstraße 5/49 Achtung! Beim German Language Café treffen wir uns, um uns auf Deutsch (bitte nehmt Rücksicht darauf) zu unterhalten und kennenzulernen. Es hilft vielen, die Deutsch lernen, sich in lockerer Runde auszutauschen. Wer immer dabei sein möchte ist: Herzlich Willkommen!

  • Meditation at "The still Point"

    Still Point

    Interested in meditation? This small group, meets Thursdays from 7 – 9 pm in Vienna. We follow a mix of two traditions: Advaita and Zen. During the sessions, we would alternate between periods of guided meditation, periods of questions and answers and periods of deep silence, during which one can explore one's own true nature, the “Still Point in a Moving World”. Please arrive between 6:50 and 7 pm. During some informal introductions, small snacks and soft drinks will be available. You may sit on zafus on the ground, or else on chairs. No prior meditation experience required. A small donation is welcomed but not mandatory. If you plan to attend, do not register here, but go to our dedicated meetup site at www.meetup.com/Der-stille-Punkt-Wien/ . Hope to meet one of these Thursdays ...


    Summerstage Terrasse

    Friday after work is about meeting old and new friends. The language of this meetup is English. Looking forward to seeing you all. Best, Martin & Negin