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The group is for a community of DOERS. Individuals who have taken initiative (not just 'thinking' about it) in becoming their own boss and have started your business (sales on commission does NOT count, obviously) and eventually wanting to go full time with being your own boss. Maybe you're already there, congrats! The purpose of this group is to learn about different styles of entrepreneurship, learn about techniques, journeys, etc. by surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals with an entrepreneurship mindset while we work on our businesses to achieve what we WANT in life. We will have speakers at least once a month. If you're interested in meeting liked-minded individuals who are learners, doers, individuals with a positive mindset who like to control there own time or teaching a skill you have to the group, then this group is for you! Remember-you become influence by who you surround yourself with!

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT try to sale your product or service in this group, it's annoying and that's not what the group is for. Thanks! Any location is welcome to join! You do not have to be in Las Cruces!

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