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We are the official Internet Marketing Association (IMA) San Antonio group dedicated to upholding the professional standards of IMA.

IMA Code of Professional Conduct IMA Code of Professional Conduct sets forth that:

1. All IMA members (“members”) shall demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and diligence in the performance of his or her Internet marketing duties, including adherence to generally accepted Internet and email marketing etiquette.

2. A member shall not engage in any illegal or unethical Internet marketing or cyber-fraud activities including phishing, identify impersonation or theft, computer hacking or malicious virus distribution.

3. A member agrees to avoid the practice of abusive spamming for marketing purposes, which includes the intentional avoidance of providing and maintaining an “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” component for recipients.

4. A member shall, at all times, exhibit the highest level of integrity in the performance of all professional Internet marketing related assignments and will accept only assignments for which there is reasonable expectation that the assignment will be completed with professional competence.

5. A member shall not reveal any confidential information obtained during a professional engagement or business activity, without obtaining proper authorization.

6. A member shall continually strive to increase the competence and effectiveness of professional services performed under his or her direction.

Failure to abide by these standards could result in removal from IMA membership.

IMA Code of Ethics –for Certified Internet Marketers (CIM)

All Certified Internet Marketers (CIM) must meet the rigorous criteria for admission to the Internet Marketing Association. Thereafter, they must exemplify the highest moral and ethical standards in the industry and must agree to abide by the IMA Code of Professional Conduct.

Therefore, in addition to the member Code of Professional Conduct, CIM’s must also agree to:

1. Maintaining at least 20 hours of professional continuing education on the subject of Internet marketing or related supporting technologies and report this back to the IMA annually.

2. Volunteering to speak on the subject or train at least one professional per year on proper Internet marketing etiquette or technologies.

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