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5 Secrets To Become A Successful (And High Paid) Social Media Manager
In partnership with Langara College, Matt Astifan will be presenting at the Technology Lecture Theatre on Nov 14th at 6:30PM for this free event. If you are interested in.... Starting a career as a Social Media Manager this event is for you. The Social Media Manager job market is hot right now. Social Media marketing has become a necessity for businesses of all kinds and sizes. And with 10’s of 1000’s of local jobs available ranging from salaries of $30,000 to $110,000 per year and an abundance of freelancer (and “Side Hustle”) opportunities… The coming decade has been poised for Social Media careers. Being a Social Media Manager is a multifaceted job: You’re a tech guru one minute, a community moderator the next and a copywriter and PR consultant after that. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for your next big client or a job seeker looking for full-time, part-time or even remote work from home, the competition is fierce and you’ll need to stand out in the job market to get any attention. In this presentation you’ll learn from Matt Astifan, 10 year veteran in the Social Media Industry, who has consulted for 100’s of companies and trained 1000’s more. You will discover insider secrets to help you land your next big paycheque and launch your Social Media career. You will discover: ➡ How to optimize (or hide!) your own Social Media accounts so that you don’t sabotosh your chances of getting interviewed (Hint: Changing Your Name Isn’t Enough) ➡ How to position yourself BEFORE the interview so that you demand a higher pay and avoid being stuck as the “Underpaid Intern” for months or even years ➡ The Three Big Skills every Social Media employer wants you to have (and you should master) that has nothing to do with marketing or sales ➡ Why you should avoid 99% of jobs… and how to find the 1% of jobs that pay more, position your career, and help you become a Social Media authority ➡ And much much more! You’ll have a chance to ask Matt anything for a full 30 minute Q&A session This is a free event however, we only have 30 spots available to the public (the rest are reserved for students of Langara). Based in Vancouver Canada, Matt Astifan founded Web Friendly® in 2009, a Media Company with tens of thousands listening. The company publishes new content, courses and live events that serve businesses to reach their full potential. A creative innovator and connector, Matt strives to make human to human connections amongst his communities and the companies he works with. Producing millions of dollars in sales online and over 100 keynotes to his credit, Matt passes his insight on digital marketing to Internet entrepreneurs at all levels of business. His sold-out events tap into industry knowledge on marketing automation, content publishing, cross-platform advertising and much more. Matt founded the Internet Masterminds organization in 2010 which is the largest Internet marketing Meetup in the world. The organization remains unmatched in its magnitude and impact as it expands globally to reach its goal of 100,000 members by 2020. You can connect with Matt online: Website: Meetup: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Instagram:

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Langara College

100 West 49th Avenue · Vancouver, BC

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