Developing & Protecting Online Brands, with Andrei Mincov


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Do you build your brand around keywords that would be picked up by search engines or do you choose a unique name? One is better for SEO but bad from the perspective of trademarking. The other one is good for trademarking but does nothing for SEO. How to choose your online brand? How to protect it? Learn about this and more from Andrei Mincov, an intellectual property lawyer who has personally developed all of his websites and who extensively uses the internet to find clients.

In this presentation you will discover:

• How to choose your brand: SEO vs. Branding

• Checking uniqueness of your brand

• Cheap and easy ways to protect your brand online

• How to decide if you need to trademark your brand

• So you want a trademark? Here’s how.

Andrei Mincov has been an intellectual property lawyer for over 16 years. His first venture into IP was when he represented his father, a well-known Russian composer against a radio station that used his music to advertise Samsung, without his permission. He has since helped hundreds of clients ranging from individual authors, entrepreneurs and startups to celebrities like J.K. Rowling to corporate giants like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Ford and Dreamworks.

In 2007, Andrei came to Canada, and after three more years of law school became an IP lawyer and a registered trademark agent here. In 2011, he founded Mincov Law Corporation, a business law firm for clients who value intellectual property as a legal tool for protecting ideas and creativity. In 2013, he launched the Trademark Factory™ that offers a unique way for business owners to register their trademarks in Canada. ( (


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