What we're about

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🚀👨‍🚀This group is for everyone in the digital marketing space, SEO, SEM, PPC. designers, UX/UI, writers, creative directors, developers, copywriters, and growth hackers. Basically, if you do anything online this group is for you.

It is created to help share ideas, build your network, share opportunities, and learn.

Who is this for:

👩‍🎓Students - Learn about the industry, learn practical techniques, and network to find your next job opportunity or mentor.

🏦Business owners - Come learn about digital marketing, improve your skills or network with digital marketers, meet them for an opportunity to hire them to grow your business and achieve your goals.

You can join the Facebook Community here (https://sharkie.net/fbentrepreneurs).


🏆We want to create events that provide the most value for you in the community. Each event will be an opportunity to learn and connect. We will start off with a few industry speakers to cover important topics and provide good tips in the area.

Second half we will break everyone into smaller groups so people can connect with each other and build personal relationships.

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