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Powering the Internet of Things with Distributed Databases

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1. Powering the Internet of Things with Distributed Databases - Chris Ward

Crate.IO have made a fully open source distributed SQL database that offers a wide variety of features behind a standard SQL Interface. Perfect for the ever changing needs of IoT, Chris will show you why we decided to create the database, how it fits into the database landscape and how to use it… Oh, and I have T-Shirts to give out :)

2. BaseN distributed database and spime ideology - Pari Hurri

Pasi Hurri will provide insights on the different data categories that need to be considered for the Internet of Things. There are Things that will not move around and sit in the same geographic location for most of the time, whereas other Things such as connected cars move around a lot, even between countries, and at very fast speed.

This combines the need for not only time series data but also for location data, as well as new levels of data migration and data synchronisation.

In this context, Pasi Hurri will introduce BaseN’s own distributed database and spime ideology.

Read more about spime:

3) Participating into an IoT Hackathon aka How I survived Nääsville and learned to love the Manse by Juan Carlos Borras

What's it like to participate to a hackathon in the IoT area? Maverick application idea was accepted for the IndustryHack in Tampere (Fastems) and the event was organised last weekend. Juan Carlos will share his findings on the experience. How it was organised, what was good, anything to improve, any other teams that looked interesting?


The entrance is on Karaportti 1 side.

Warmly welcome!
Karaportti 1 · Espoo
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