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The Internet of Things (IoT) has exciting potential for connecting machines, infrastructure, objects, people and spaces in many new ways.

We pretend to connect professionals, both decision makers, investors, and developers, in the IoT ecosystem and aim to inspire them all. We will work with real-world use cases, provide actionable information on the latest IoT trends, analysis, and use-case studies.

We will discuss, learn/share knowledge about any subject related with the Internet of Things. If you are working or interested on learning, investing, discussing or just networking on Internet of Things and all around, you've found the right group :) join us now!

Among some of the topics we need to discuss about Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Cars, Analytics, Stream Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Social Innovation, or others that you might want to contribute .

Thanks to our first Superb Sponsor: ZOI GmbH (https://www.zoi.de)

If there is a subject you would like to see discussed on a meetup, please email or send a message.

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IoT Portugal #6 Meetup

Hitachi Vantara

It's up to all of us to spread knowledge and experiences about IoT, what's being done, how to monetize, how it's being implemented, what are the main challenges, how to integrate with different technologies, etc.. You are invited to join us on the #6 meetup ! Agenda: • 18:45-19:00: Welcome and get together • 19:00: Meetup Kickoff • Talk 1 - IoT, what about legal? by Agata Ferreira • Break & Networking • Talk 2 - Develop, deploy and manage your IoT fleet with Balena! by Daniel Andradre • More networking & hanging out for dinner (optional but it might be an excellent opportunity for networking) If you want to attend the dinner please join us at the end! A BIG THANKS to: - ZOI GmbH (https://meet.zoi.de) that's our Superb sponsor. - HITACHI VANTARA (https://www.hitachivantara.com) that's the venue sponsor for this #6 meetup. • Talk 1: IoT, what about legal? Abstract: IoT needs data for products and services development and it also generates vast amount of data through its operation. Legal and regulatory framework governing data has been dynamically evolving in recent years and it can be difficult to keep pace with the developments. The presentation will outline legal framework for data access and protection. It will also highlight the most important legal issues concerning data resulting from recent EU legislative developments. Speaker: Agata is an international lawyer with an experience from various jurisdictions. She is a legal and management consultant for international technological company. She has PhD in law and is also an academic researching and teaching various aspects of technology law. Don't miss her talk! https://www.linkedin.com/in/agata-ferreira-bb7350134/ • Talk 2: Develop, deploy and manage your IoT fleet with Balena! Abstract: There are many challenges while working on IoT projects, but, many can be minimized bringing modern web development techniques to the IoT world. Daniel is a "Hardware Hacker in Residence", working in Balena.io and he is going to tell us how to develop, deploy and manage your IoT fleet with Balena. To make simpler, he is even performing a short demo! Speaker: Daniel (Spillere) Andrade is a "Hardware Hacker in Residence" working in Balena.io and with a great background in Hardware Engineer. He worked lot all over the world and now is happy to join us in Lisbon. He is happy to connect to all of you. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dansku/ Interested in supporting future meetups? Do you want to become a sponsor? Or, you have something you want to present to the group? Please contact: Miguel Gaspar Email: [masked] Mobile: [masked] or send a private message. If that's not the way you would like to participate just say I you would like to be and we will work together to make happen!

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IoT Portugal #5 Meetup

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