Google Machine Learning Crash Course Study Jam 1.0


New to Machine Learning yet don't know where to begin?

We are organizing Google MLCC Study Jam about "Machine Learning using TensorFlow" in collaboration with The Google Team.
This systematic learning session is aimed at getting the programmers started with the nuts & bolts of machine learning from scratch.

This course is developed by the Google team and already take by more than 18000 Googlers, planned for the individuals who wish to learn about ML from a down to earth, connected point of view that will empower you to utilize machine learning in your application and find out about the functionalities of TensorFlow.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn and connect with people with similar passion.

Event Schedule:

2:00-2:30pm - Introduction to Machine Learning
2:30-3:00pm - ML session on TensorFlow
3:00-4:30pm- Regression, Logistic Regression, Regularization,
4:30-4:45pm - Break
4:45-5:15pm - Neural Networks
5:15-5:45pm - Hand written Digit Recognition mini project
5:45-6:00pm - Q&A

Registration Link:

Speaker : Aditya Trivedi
Linkedin :

Understanding of basic algebra and statistics,
Basics of python programming

Additional Requirement:
A laptop and Charger would be needed along with pen and paper.
Please download Anaconda (for Python 3.7) from