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Improve your relationships at work!
Would you like to improve your relationships at work? For example, would you like to move up in your career? Get on the same page with your work team and succeed together? Get your difficult co-worker to give you a break and help you instead of hinder you? Get your difficult boss off your back and support you and instead of criticize you? Healthy work relationships depend on the intangibles of proper communication skills and often, the work itself is secondary to professional relationships. Often, two different people often approach the same task or goal in different ways, which can create communication styles that contrast or complement each other. For example, when organizing an event, one person will focus on the logistical aspects while the other person will focus on the relationships with the vendors, sponsors, and attendees. In the end, most people just want to feel that their goals for success are valued. Your boss and co-workers simply want to feel heard & understood and likewise, so do you! When people feel heard and understood, you’d be amazed at how they open up and help you as a result! In this meeting, we’ll discuss how to create a crystal clear vision for the kind of healthy working relationships you’re looking to build. We’ll also explore the intangibles of relationships and communication to create healthy work relationships and produce results both in your career and in your working relationships. Finally, we’ll explore any potential challenges that may be hindering your success. My goal is that you’ll leave this discussion feeling more confident about your ability to successfully connect with co-workers and your boss. You’ll also leave with a crystal-clear plan about how to build successful relationships at work, succeed in your role, and move up in your career! Join me for an interactive discussion, I'm looking forward to meeting you! -Nick

Financial District.

730 Commercial Street · San Francisco, CA

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What are you passionate about in life? How do your passions define you? How do your passions influence your relationships? In this group, we'll explore our passions, our values, and our defining experiences to discover how they influence our relationships to others. The purpose of this group is to recognize patterns in our relationship behavior that suggest an ability to co-create an interpersonal dynamic with someone. For example, have you ever confided in someone about a painful break-up and felt your pain so deeply received with compassion that its very depths allowed you to transform that pain into personal growth? Perhaps your confidant's powerful ability to listen deeply to others and allow them to transform comes from, for example, his or her love of being in nature and its ability to connect, nurture and grow the very world we live in. Some cultures have even created psychological archetypes from this such as the Mother Earth Goddess as a personification of the spirit of Nature (also known as the "Gaia", or spirit of the Earth). Could the "Mother Earth Goddess" live in you? Even if not, what archetypal patterns could YOUR relationship behaviors suggest? Cultivating awareness of your passions, values and interpersonal dynamics may be the key to finding out! Join us!

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