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If you did an Internet search on dream interpretation, you would find literally hundreds of sites, each with a completely different encyclopedia of dream elements, and often with completely contradictory meanings. So which is correct? Who do you trust? What are their credentials? Are you willing to make significant life decisions merely based on what someone you don't know has decided particular dream elements mean while other people claim they mean the opposite interpretation? This can be very confusing if not dangerous!

The Bible says that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit on ALL people, and that men, women, young and old will experience dreams, visions, signs & wonders, and prophetic gifts (Joel 2:28-30, Acts 2:17). But it also says that sometimes God is silent for a season to test us: if we will wait for Him to speak or if we will impatiently seek out our own revelation. It also says God will actually send lying and deceptive spirits and false prophets to speak to those who reject God's wisdom and revelation and to confirm what THEY WANT to hear. Thus spiritual revelation can be confusing in that it can come from several sources: your own mind/flesh/imagination, unclean spiritual influences, demonic oppression and defilement, or from angels and even God.

This group is for people who have frequent dreams, visions and prophetic or revelatory giftings and need help understanding their source, their interpretation and meaning, and their application and relevance in your life and other's. We attempt to use discernment and group accountability to process our revelation to determine the sources, meanings and applications, so that we and others may be benefited by our giftings.

We will discuss and process our dreams and visions and what they mean, but there are also many other types of spiritual revelation and giftings: prophetic revelation, premonitions, angelic visitations, word of knowledge where you suddenly know something about someone, burden-bearing where you experience someone else's burden physically or spiritually, intercessory burdens & giftings, and other supernatural anointings & empowerments such as sensations of cold, heat, fire, winds, tingling or electrical currents in your body. We will learn why we experience these things and how to interpret, understand, apply and minister to others more effectively with them.

The group is led and moderated by a Jewish Christian who has done extensive study in this area, has solid Biblical knowledge, who has taught many conferences, seminars and workshops about prophetic giftings and dream interpretation from a Biblical standpoint. He has compiled an encyclopedia of Biblical symbols and meanings containing almost 2000 elements, and is in process of writing a book about it with a model for interpretation. He has already published one book called "What Language does God Speak?" about how God speaks to each of us every day, and discovering how to hear Him in our own personal languages.

The moderator has also developed his own 6-dimensional model of classifying and interpreting dreams and visions from a Biblical perspective. Our premise is that if it is God speaking to us, then it is logical to presume that He speaks in His own language, and there should be some consistency in the meanings of various elements. Not surprisingly, we have found that there is in fact great consistency in the meanings of dream elements when viewed Biblically. You will learn how to research and interpret your revelation, and how to follow the signs and arrows to your own personal meaning.

We desire to have a group where people who receive various types of revelation can come and share them in a safe place that will keep us grounded, and learn a model of interpretation and application so they will be personally benefited, as well as benefit the lives of others as well. This group is non-denominational, you don't have to belong to any church or religion or subscribe to any specific belief system to attend. All dreamers are welcome!

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