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Hello all,

I would like to welcome you all to the 24th Meetup of KW Intersections on August 9th at 7pm at Boltmade. The two speakers this time will be Rob Wood from NCC and Steven Taschuk from Sortable. Rob will be giving us an introduction to hardware hacking and Steven will teach us more about a typesafe printf and will bring us pizza provided by Sortable (

Introduction to Hardware Hacking, by Rob Wood (

Rob Wood has 20 years of experience in embedded systems development, hardware security and supply chain security. He is currently a Principal Consultant, Global Hardware Lead at the NCC group. In the past he has worked as an Embedded Security Engineer at Motorola and as an Embedded Security Developer at Blackberry. In his talk of today he will give us an introduction to hardware hacking. He will explain how hardware and hardware security works. Next he will reveal where the secrets are and how to find and exploit bugs.

Typesafe printf, by Steven Taschuck (

Steven willll present ideas from Danvy's 1998 paper "Functional Unparsing (". Danvy shows how to use the plain old Hindley-Milner type system, as in Haskell or ML, to implement a type-safe version of C's formatting function printf. This is a great example of the payoff for using these fancier type systems, and of using them for embedded domain-specific languages. Steven will show example code in Haskell, but won't assume any
familiarity with Haskell.