Search Engines vs Databases and The Graphflow Database System


Hello all,

I would like to welcome you all to the Meetup of September from KW Intersections on September 12th. Last time we did a small experiment with live streaming the meetup and therefore starting from this meetup I also will provide a link to the live stream in case you can't make it to the meetup in person. Here is the live stream link:

We will have two talks this meetup.

Search Engines vs Databases by Mayya Sharipova.
She will provide a talk in which she will discuss similarities and differences between search engines and databases and will give us some examples

The Graphflow Database System by Semih Salihoglu
In this talk Semih will give a high-level overview of graph databases (graph dbs). He will review how graph dbs are different than relational databases
and the kinds of applications graph dbs are tailored to support. He will then discuss why he thinks graph dbs are an exciting database topic to do research on and give an overview of a new prototype system Semih and his colleagues are building at UWaterloo called Graphflow. Graphflow is an active graph database and unlike existing graph dbs supports continuous queries and triggers.

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