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Connect with others in a welcoming, respectful, sex positive environment and explore intimacy and sex in all their flavours. How do love and relationship fit with the different desires we can feel? How do we negotiate different sorts of intimate relationships that are not in the mainstream? How do we sustain sexual attraction over long term relationships? How do we deal with shame? With jealousy? With the judgements of others... or even our own judgements? Can intimate relationships work without sex? How? How do partners negotiate difference in levels of desire or types of desire? All questions are on the table and we are up for considering them together in a direct, respectful, honest way that encourages open, inclusive conversation. Let's explore together!

Suitable for the curious and for the committed. If you're in, out or just surviving in a relationship, feeling unfulfilled and don't know where to take this, or looking for a place where difference in your relationship or desires is accepted and supported, this is it. We would love to have you join us :)

The events are part meet and greet, part structured discussion. To ensure everyone has a voice and the discussion stays on track, the discussions are facilitated by Ros & Bryan. Our aim is to explore the taboo and difficult questions around being intimate with another or others. This is a creation, not a lecture, your participation is not only welcomed but necessary. Please feel free to message the organisers with any topics you'd like to discuss or questions you'd like raised and explored.

This group is an expression of Ros's professional practice, Ros Bowyer Consulting (RBC), which specialises in Intimacy and Sex (see rosbowyer.com (http://rosbowyer.com/) for more info.) and is an opportunity to mix with others, talk and listen in a safe, contained space.

Leave your judgements at the door and come prepared to participate with an open mind and heart.

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