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“Intimate encounters” don’t refer to dating or physical intimacy, even thou it is a social group for spiritual singles of San Diego. The sole purpose of our small group gatherings is to encounter each other on deep level beyond the noise of the world of forms, beyond social conditioning – so we can share Presence, Wisdom, Knowledge, Love and Joy… so, each encounter transforms another, facilitates the meeting with eternity… 😊

Who I feel will enjoy this group the most: Conscious entrepreneurs, Spiritual seekers (especially those who had awakening experiences and now are going through the process of integration of the insights), Wellness practitioners / Healers, Yogies, Mystics, Spiritual singles that are looking for a spiritual / conscious partnership, Artists, Philosophers, Poets :-)

The intention: After leaving the marriage that has served its purpose and moving to San Diego, I felt I would like to encounter (for a moment, for a season or for a reason) those who meant to play some role on my path… as teachers, as students, as friends, as brothers, as sisters… So we all can deepen our spiritual practices and share our learnings with others… and of course, all enjoy each other’s company…

So, yes... This group might be a temporary vehicle for my own inner journey… And since everything in life is transient, I will pass this intention to someone else, when time comes to part with the group 😊

Meanwhile, let’s MEET and do something that gives a proper amount of pleasure and pain to our senses, just right amount of mental stimulation, and never-enough-amount of awakening … 😊

P.S. Since answering the same small talk questions is outside of my zone of preferences, nevertheless out of politeness to the organizer 😊 everybody will ask me the same questions about “me”, here is the written version so you never need to ask, and I never need to answer 😊

About me in a nutshell: Originally from Ukraine…
These links are more than you will ever need/want to know about my professional world…

Somatic Healer, creator of PhysioEmoDynamics healing modality:


Executive Coach / Master Coach:

Online Coach/Trainer:
http://www.demythification.com (latest online training)

Artist (Sculptor, painter):


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Now, as we are done with “me”, let’s make it ABOUT YOU… See you soon… 😊

Past events (70)

PhysioEmoEnergetics DANCE Launch & Potluck!

Private residence La Jolla / UTC

Touch “Church” – a cuddle / snuggle night & potluck

Private residence La Jolla / UTC

Touch “Church” – a cuddle / snuggle night & potluck

Private residence La Jolla / UTC

Direct Experience of THAT: Meditation, reading, sharing circle & Drum Circle

Park in UTC area (details will be provided to registered attendees)

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