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People who want to share adventures hiking, camping, backpacking, and other fun trips.

Showing respect for each other. Showing respect for animals, nature and wilderness.

Be prepared for the hike or trip you sign up for by doing research on your own. Some of the trips will also be a first for me as well and all I will know about the trip is what is posted. If you have questions please do research.

No Shows will not be tolerated. Everyone has emergencies come up, but two no shows and you will be removed from the group.

Do not sign up for trips you are not going to attend. This takes up limited spots that others may want to attend. Cancellations should be done at a minimum of 72 hours in advance to allow others time to sign up for the spot.

Wilderness areas have restrictions on how large a group can hike or camp together. If it is posted that only 10 people can attend you must sign up all persons attending with you. I will limit how many persons you can bring on most trips.

Upcoming events (3)

Yellowstone Camping/Hiking

Grant Village Campground

DO NOT SIGN UP UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR RESERVATIONS... I have reserved 2 sites at the Grant Campground at Yellowstone Nat'l Park. Each site will hold a small trailer or RV and a large 12x12 tent or two small tents 8x8. Payment for the site must be done up front and I will not make refunds. If anyone wants to make reservations for your own site the web site is https://www.yellowstonenationalparklodges.com/stay/camping/ We can schedule group hikes and dinners.

July 3-6, 2021 Camping/Hiking Trip

Printer Boy Campground


THERE IS A $25 CHARGE FOR THE CAMPSITE. You will not be move to going until I have received your money. Parking is limited. Carpooling MAY be necessary Annual Camping / Hiking Trip Group Camping Site near Leadville, CO at Turquoise Lake Site holds up to 75 people and 15 cars, plenty of room to spread out Cost will be divided between attendees. Usually no more than $25 per person. Well behaved dogs welcome. Printer Boy, Site 1 Carpooling is advised because parking is limited Hiking possibilities: Mt. Massive Native Lake Timberline Lake

Glacier National Park

Online event


NOTICE: YOU WILL NOT BE MOVED TO GOING WITHOUT A DISCUSSION WITH ME AND PAYMENT. Group Camp Site Apgar Group Sites E09, Group Loop E Site holds 9-24 people and up to 7 vehicles Monday August 30, 2021 – Sunday, Sept 5, 2021 Check-in 1:00pm Check-out 12:00pm 4 tent pads: 1 = 10x10, 3 = 12x16 Directions: Located 1 mile northeast of the west entrance near West Glacier, Montana. Access is form U.S. Highway 2, approximately 32 miles northeast of Kalispell, Montana Cost is $390.00 This trip will completely depend on the Covid-19 in 2021. Multiple trails and locations within the park did not open for the 2020 season because of the pandemic. If nothing changes then this trip will not happen in 2021. We could camp or stay in a lodge or something and do day hikes, we could plan a backpacking trip, we could do the chalet (one or multiple days) or we could do a combination of all of this. It is about a 14 hour drive from the edge of the metroplex to the park. Tons of day hikes. Below is just a small sample of what is available. Highline Trail Distance: 11.2 miles Elevation: 1,466’ Difficulty: Hard Out and Back Iceberg Lake Trail Distance: 9.3 miles Elevation: 1,450’ Difficulty: Moderate High traffic. Water falls and lake with a A+ rating for grizzly bears. Grinnell Glacier Trail Distance: 11.2 miles Elevation: 2,181’ Difficulty: Hard Cracker Lake Trail Distance: 12 miles Elevation: 1,650’ Difficulty: Moderate Out & Back Trail of the Cedars Same parking as Avalanche Lake. Can be combined Distance: 0.9 miles see next hike Elevation: 49’ Difficulty: Easy Loop Avalanche Lake Distance: 5.7 miles Elevation: 748’ Difficulty: Moderate Out & Back Fish Lake Trail Distance: 5.5 miles Elevation: 1,338’ Difficulty: Moderate Out & Back Mt. Brown Lookout Distance: 10 miles Elevation: 4,209’ Difficulty: Hard Out & Back Redrock Falls via Swiftcurrent Pass Distance: 3.6 miles Elevation: 236’ Difficulty: Easy Baring Falls via Piegan Pass Trail Distance: 3.7 miles Elevation: 551’ Difficulty: Easy

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