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Intrapreneurs work within established organisations to launch new ideas, products, services or even businesses and ventures. While entrepreneurs build start-ups, corporate entrepreneurs transform their ideas into impactful initiatives that contribute to the continued success of their company, and develop a reputation for sought after leaders able to execute innovation at scale.

This is a group for all the Intrapreneurs out there; for anyone who has ever suggested entrepreneurial ideas in their organisation or approaches that went "against-the-grain", feeling frustrated due to the lack of entrepreneurial culture and slow pace of work, and the “this is not the way we do things here” status quo.

We want to recognise, develop and nurture these exceptional individuals. We want to help organisations and intrapreneurs alike to network, learn, foster innovation and share best practices by bringing together intrapreneurs and industry influencers to drive innovation across all sectors.


Jamie and Davide

Jamie Qiu & Davide Turi
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Studio Zao is a London-based innovation and talent development studio. They partner with the world’s leading organisations to drive growth and resilience through intrapreneurship.

For over two decades, Studio Zao has fine-tuned intrapreneurial techniques to empower the people at the heart of organisations. They have launched 150+ solutions together with Target, Sony Music Entertainment, NHS, EY, Wellcome Trust, among others and trained over 2,000 intrapreneurs to identify new growth opportunities for their organisations.

To find out more about Studio Zao please visit www.studiozao.com (http://www.studiozao.com/)

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