What we're about

We're going to run some introductory machine learning and data science courses. These are all going to be targeted to experienced software engineers who just want to learn more about machine intelligence. In all of this, we're assuming that you probably know how to read software manuals, but the barrier to understanding state of the art machine learning is just a bit higher than is easy to pull off on evenings and weekends. So we'll focus on helping you to develop intuition and a good, solid understanding of the basics as well as enough software to help you keep going when you get home (or back to work). In other words, we'll help you decide what to do next.

In the process, we'd like to help people get to know each other.

(There's no monopoly here on actually doing the courses or trainings. If you think you'd like to offer ML/DS instruction, ping the organizer and we can schedule something.)

The world does not lack in free online courses and articles on ML and DS, of course. This works for some, not for all. And for many of us who work with these topics, it's easy to forget that it can be hard at first.

If anyone here wants to use this meetup to propose introductory courses to help people get up to speed, feel free to ping me and I'm happy for this group to serve as a vehicle. If you have ideas on how to make such courses better find their audiences, that's also a useful topic. Based on the profiles of those who have joined the meetup, we're perhaps a group that mostly understands ML and DS rather than a group at the beginning of the adventure.

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