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Through the practice of Solsara we begin to perceive and release the protective habits, attachments, and limiting beliefs that have kept us stuck, separate, lonely, and suffering. When we choose to open, we become present. We rediscover our freedom. We naturally and open-heartedly interact with other people and the world in a way that cultivates connection, trust, understanding, and love.

This is the heart of the practice; being honest and vulnerable when our reflex may be to protect or defend ourselves; opening in the face of fear; exploring and questioning the beliefs and ideas that we have been living by; letting go of control and security to open to the living experience of love, connection and freedom; choosing to move with faith toward the unknown.

Through simple, yet effective practices, we shift ourselves, our relationships, and our human culture.

We are calling in people with a strong intention to use this practice to increase their capacity to be of service, and to contribute to their families, friends, and communities. We ask for your courage and commitment to be the change you wish to see in the world and to recognize that creating a peaceful and loving human culture is in your hands, manifested through the choices you make moment to moment.

Please arrive between 7-7:15. We will begin promptly at 7:15.
Prepay through PayPal is an option. Please inquire via www.solsara.net
Otherwise, please plan to bring cash.

Join us to get a preview of what a full three-day immersion has to offer. Bring your friends, loved ones, family or anyone you care to know in a deeper way.

There are still a few spaces available in the Santa Cruz Solsara Immersion that is scheduled for June 2-4 2017 at a beautiful retreat center in the Aptos Mountains.

*** Receive $100 discount on the weekend retreat when you register during this event! ***

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