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    Welcome to the Introversion and Shyness Social Group.

    This group is for people who would like to meet with others in a social setting who possess a quieter and more introverted temperament. All the other groups here are great, but can be too large for some people who may prefer to socialize and do activities in a smaller group with similar kinds of people to themselves.

    People who may be interested in a group like this may be one or more of the following - Introverts, highly sensitive people, people who are shy, and people who feel a little anxious around others.

    This group will be nurtured so that people are gently encouraged, feel included and engaged with - always welcomed and never left out - new members are especially welcomed. I would like this group to be a uniquely special place where people feel comfortable enough to come out and attend something fun in small, inclusive environments.

    The group will be run in an equitable manner - so that all members gain some benefit - not just a dominant few regulars. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair go, and that people feel comfortable enough to attend events without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed.

    This group will have a combination of social events as well as more contemplative reflective gatherings where we can discuss things that might be happening in our lives or to talk about some of the things that we may be thinking about currently.

    Social events will be across the board - aiming to be fun and varied.

    Membership is open to everyone who feels they need a group like this. It is our corner of the wellington meetup community - just for us.

    Embrace your nature - wear it as a shield and come and enjoy yourself.

    Thank you for considering joining this group.

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