What we're about

This group is for people who feel like their introversion might be keeping them from achieving various goals in their lives and who would like to harness the power of their introverted tendencies to help them achieve their fullest potential (in what often appears to be a very extroverted U.S. society that we live in).

The group will meet for an hour every other week for on-topic discussion followed by a half hour of (optional) unstructured conversation.

Examples of discussion topics include:

-The natural strengths/power of introverts v. extroverts (and why you are “okay” as an introvert)

-How to help “re-charge” your introverted self

-How to communicate effectively as an introvert, even in more extroverted situations/environments

-Connection with other people and helping “normalize” your feelings around often being referred to as “shy,” “reserved,” “quiet,” or overcoming the stigma of other less-than-favorable terms such as “anti-social,” “dull,” or “nothing to add.”

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