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According to estimates, extroverts outnumber introverts by 3 to 1. This is a group for anyone who might seek a tranquil social space to meet like-minded people of a quieter, more introspective disposition - without the deterrent of being drowned out by the loud and rambunctious. I don't know about other introverts but my batteries seem to drain a lot faster when I'm surrounded by braying mouths or a torrent of trivial small-talk. Introversion is often equated with being anti-social, reclusive or shy.. and whilst this may be the case for some, it is not the whole picture. I think that we all need good people, interesting conversation and long-lasting, meaningful friendships to feel connected and fulfilled in life; with the all-important time and space to recharge. I believe that this might be easier to find when there is commonality, understanding, genuine connection and mutual respect for the freedom to be a quieter person. Whilst the group is primarily for those who lean towards introversion on what is understood to be a fluid spectrum, its aim is not to exclude but to promote acceptance of people's right to be quiet, reserved or less outgoing, without fear of judgement.

Introverts United is developing into a lovely group full of warm, friendly and inclusive people who welcome newcomers and regulars alike to events. In terms of events, the usual diverse mix of social gatherings apply.. meals, walks, cinema and theatre trips, board games, museums and art galleries... you name it (and if you don't see it, please suggest it)

Feel free to write with any questions or feedback - or to make a request if it might help with nerves to be met by one or two members before attending your first event. It can be daunting being a first-timer at any Meet-Up event, especially if shyness is part of your character. One of the group's main aims is to be sensitive to that experience and to make socialising with new people as relaxing, peaceful, calm, fun and enjoyable as it should be :)

Hope you can join us soon!


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