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Intuitive Guidance for Empathic Caretakers

Tune In To Tune Out: Tapped into everyone's emotional frequency all the time? Attention Empaths, sensitives, and caretaking types! Learn to maximize your intuitive gifts without depleting yourself entirely. Learn how to stop constantly feeling someone else's feelings so that you can feel yourself more deeply, without emotional overwhelm and overgiving. Discover the 3 step process toward showing up for YOU and others with softness AND strength. Your true gifts are waiting to shine through!

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Journey Inward: Tap your INTUITIVE GUIDANCE, manage overwhelm and experience joy

Learn how to connect with and better navigate your body's innate intuitive guidance so that you can experience less depletion, overwhelm, and dis-ease while making space for your true gifts to emerge with greater joy, ease, softness AND strength! When you learn the freedom in showing up for yourself first, your usual care-taking impulse can be transformed into authentic service and support to others in your life, whether privately, professionally or recreationally. This event is tailored to those who self-identify as empaths, intuitives, sensitives and caretaking types who would like to learn to work with their system's sensitivities and create greater connection with themselves foremost. Topics we will discuss include meditation/spiritual practice, healthy boundaries, and the importance of self care. "It's vital we learn how to avoid feeling overwhelmed so that we can fully shine our power in the world." Judith Orloff, author of The Empaths Survival Guide.

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