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If you are seeking to enhance your intuition with clarity and inspiration through participating in different inner mind exercises, then join us in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere for a fun and rewarding experience.
You will train your higher mind to perceive beyond your normal senses to gain clarity on decision making in all areas of your lives, career, romance, health, relationships. You will learn how to open to higher wisdom and peace to get you through life.
You have this ability, it is part of you, but like anything else you can develop it to a much finer degree in order to live your highest life by listening to your inner wisdom. If you have a desire to enhance your intuition, no matter if you are new to practicing it or if you have an advanced sense of intuition and want to refine it even more, then this is the class for you.

Classes Meet Monday Evenings 6 - 8:30PM See Schedule below:

February 25: MEET YOUR HIGHER GUIDES & ANGELS: We are always being helped by Divine beings that have only love for us. You will learn how to connect with them, sense their energy and gain their wisdom.

March 4: USING HEART ENERGY TO EMPOWER YOUR INTUITION: Experience charging your own heart energy for protection, healing and sending out your powerful transforming love.

March 11: CLAIRSENTIENCE: Practice feeling the difference between the subtle energy emitted from people, objects and nature. A great exercise in sensing the energy produced from everything.

March 25: HOW TO HEAR THE SILENT INNER VOICE: This is known as Clairaudience. We will practice listening to the wisdom that guides you along your highest path.

April 1: ENERGY CLEARING: Learn how to clear your space, home or office from emotional lingering energies to allow a freer, happier environment to enhance your life.

Location: Balboa Park West - Imperial Tower 2350 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

There will be a sign in the lobby by the call box with a code to enter and instructions to the Sky Lounge on the 9th floor. Please bring a notebook.

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CLAIRSENTIENCE: Practice Feeling & Sensing Energy

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