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Greetings all.

I'm Jesse. I think it's a great notion to have us connected for empowerment and exchange. Thus, for now I would like to and will have this group going.

I believe most of us here can sense interesting dynamics and subtle emotional fluctuations a tad better being our empathic, intuitive or sensitive selves. It could be a blessing as well as an obstacle. We can share our bits or just be fond listeners within our circle to enrich our knowledge, understanding and growth about this lovely trait of ours.

I'm looking forward to meeting some of you in future events. Feel free to leave any suggestions or thoughts on the discussion board.

Below is the message from Anna:

Hi, I am moving off meetup. Details and ways to stay in touch below. Thanks Anna

Welcome to this group for Empaths and Intuitive Sensitives, or some combination.

Being an Empath, Intuitive and/or Highly Sensitive is deeply ingrained in our bio-spiritual makeup. Aspects of ourselves that are as imbedded into our DNA as our eye colour, but also influence our personalities and nature. It is part of our Souls Journey in this life, which can lead to great strength and development as we learn to understand these precious parts of ourselves.

Some of the experiences of Empaths and Intuitive Sensitives: 
• Feeling other people’s emotions as though they are your own 
• Often overwhelmed by excessive stimulation from media and the environment 
• Trouble with boundaries
• Dreaming about events before they happen 
• Strangers want to tell you their life history - Sound Familiar 
• Deeply connected to nature
• Strong intuition
• A safe haven and refuge for others

***Thank you to all that have joined this group, although being an empath is an important part of my life that I continue to work with and strengthen, it is not my main focus at the moment, so I have stopped doing events focused on Empaths. It is my passion to share what I have been learning in my journey of evolution of consciousness for the past decade or so through fortnightly sessions on the exploration of energy & consciousness. If you would like to know more about me, head to my website: Home ⋆ Wholistic Healing Energy Medicine
Facebook: Wholistic Healing Energy Medicine | Facebook
***If anyone would like to organize something specifically for Empaths & Intuitives, please get in touch. Thanks Anna

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