Bill Sanda's DZAR Circle: Growing Your Saffron Heart; the Guiding Light of You

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Intuitive Wellness Center

Burke Lake Road, Suite L 106 · Burke, VA

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Growing Your Saffron Heart - the Guiding Light of You!

Hello all you beautiful souls,

We would love you to join us as we come together as a community of Aware Beings to expand our connection to Source and the wisdom of our Soul. The topic for this month’s DZAR Spiritual Circle is the Saffron Heart Energy that DZAR introduced last year. Saffron Heart is the beautiful light of Compassion, Connection, of the Universe, of Creation, of the Essence of Life. It is an Energy that exists within us all

We will play excerpts from DZAR’s many recordings on the Saffron Heart. From there we will have a conversation about this energy, how to incorporate it in our daily lives, and how we can expand upon this energy of the Heart

Some beautiful, simple yet profound movements of the Saffron Heart have come forward that are just Divine! So simple, so beautiful, you will be amazed when you allow yourself the space to play within You.

To learn more about the compassionate channeled energies from Source called DZAR, please go their website:

We open the group with a Frequency Meditation and then move onto sharing and discussion our topic for the evening. There is time for people to share their experiences as they work with the information and processes the expanded compassionate energies from Source that call themselves DZAR gives us to connect more deeply to that larger, energetic part of us beyond our physical body and our identity.

You can explore over 60 hours of podcasts with DZAR, by visiting The Path of DZAR website here (

These gatherings are interactive, light, joyful, transformative and deeply moving all at the same time! This Circle is for you even if you have been on a spiritual journey for quite some time and want to go even deeper with your knowing of your Spiritual Self.

Our intention is for all to feel a renewed sense of loving collaboration with our bodies and an overall sense of self-acceptance greater and deeper than has ever been felt before. That this shift is felt by all of Humanity who are strengthened in their Knowing of selves.

Please note that if you are not able to meet with us in person, we offer interactive online connection via ZOOM. Click on the link You may start ZOOM at 7:25pm. Please close ZOOM immediately when the event is ended. Thank you!

This month’s DZAR Spiritual Circle will be held Friday evening, April 26 starting at 7:30pm. The location is Intuitive Wellness Center, 8996 Burke Lake Road, Suite L106, Burke VA. Investment is $10.00 to cover room costs.

So come along with an open heart and mind and we are looking forward to getting to know you and sharing this wonderfully transformational information.

See you soon.

Blessings, Bill Sanda