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Have you experienced events in your life that prove there is more than the perceived physical world we live? Have you known things when there was no logical reason to have known? Are you sick and tired of leaving the plan of your life to chance and want to learn to connect with the internal divine spark with in yourself? We are a group that honors all paths to self awakening. We explore all different aspects of mysticism and laws of the universe to grow our spiritual and emotional self in a non judgemental environment. Please feel welcome to share, learn and grow with us. We are looking forward to your input and thoughts.

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Science of Deliberate Creation and How to Clear Blocks

29467 Grande Vista Ave

The topic for this month is deliberate creating and how to clear the blocks that hinder manifesting what we want and deserve in our lives. We will be reviewing what each of us wants in our lives we currently do not have, assessing what may be blocking us from creating this one thing in our lives. We will be doing an exercise that will help to create a focused vortex of creation. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Energy manipulation and healing

Lisle Claire's Home

We will be discussing universal energy, different modalities, how to manipulate and used focused intent in your energy. We will be doing practice techniques to introduce each attendee into how to feel the energy and how being sensitive to energy can be very insightful in everyday life. Drinks and Snacks will be provided

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