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Private PSYCHIC reading sessions. Private. Confidential. Empowering.
Schedule your private 1 hour session during the day or evening. I am an extreme Empath. I FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL . What this means is...I profoundly connect with your vibration. Your PSYCHIC reading ........Is an experience in LOVE. In our session heightened vibrations connect us with loved ones, guides, angels and teachers . You'll feel the channeled resonance and warmth of heart energy and utmost love from the highest source of universal consciousness. ​ Endorsement: "Dear Judi, Indeed it was a pleasure to meet you. I enjoy so much talking with you and find inspiration from it, always awakening my inner passion to pursue my dreams ..... To be courageous." Love H.. SCHEDULE YOUR Private CONSULTATION

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address will be sent when you register · Montréal, QC