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ASTRAL TRAVEL: Psychic and Clairvoyant Training : Journey to Dimensions unknown



Fourth Dimension and Astral Travel: Practice and Experience in this dimension

Travel in the Astral Field to places unknown! Channelling spirits and guides and dreams. Develop your inner sense of mediumship to deliver readings and messages from beyond.

Access your Akashic Life records through channelling. Gain new insight into relationships, spiritual contracts and agreements. Discover the answer to the question as to why souls return into our lives.

12- 4 PM

Here's where we are journeying:

The Akashic Records -how to get access

The Astral Body, Dreams, Out of body experiences: Fourth Dimension -How to access and experience the Fourth Dimension

The Spiritual Path , Mediumship and Channelling -Exploring our relationship to the Other Side

Relationship, Spiritual Contracts and Agreements-Why souls return in our lives

Creating what you Want Through Visioning-The power of manifestation

Special price for members $65.00. Prepayment upon registration . Minimum 5 participants

Each class includes meditation, shared experiences and healings ..

Bring Your Friends, Family, Significant Others, Co-Workers and Employers!

FREE DRAWING WITH PRIZES : Every member who brings a guest will be eligible for a draw where they can win a prize. It may be a discounted reading, healing session, crystal necklace or bracelet!!

For More information contact Judi