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I didn't realize why I was so drawn to the career I chose...being a private investigator seemed a natural fit. I thought everyone had the instincts it took to be a PI. Not true. I had something that wasn't taught to me, the "knowing" inside of me. I had been given knowledge at a very early age; through dreams and visions. I was always described as "a wise child." I communicated with my relatives that had crossed over and had visions of places I had never been before, yet could describe in detail. Conversations that had not yet happened, I could recite. knowing things that were going to happen, before they happened. We all have intuition, but not everyone knows how to use it for their highest good. It has taken me years to even start to understand the knowledge I have been given and, to not be afraid of my gifts. I want to share this knowledge and these gifts with as many as I can. Join me on the journey for our highest good!
Each class will be geared toward a different topic. I will teach and give specific tools to help in your journey.

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