Past Meetup

2nd Sunday - Pancake Breakfast for Low-Income Families


Join us for our 2nd Sunday in July! We'll be going down to East Colfax and serving low-income families a pancake breakfast!

Meet at the Krispy Kreme off of Quebec and C470 at 8:45am. We'll enjoy some donuts and fellowship then take off to serve the families.

Covenant Heights Camp will be providing the griddles and pancake mix! Thanks, guys! We just need to come up with the rest!

The manager has told us that we COULD have 150 folks to feed, though for Christmas dinner a few years back my guess is we only served about 60-70, but let's be ready to roll just in case and be prepared to serve at least 100!

Based on the information Kimie sent to me, I've compiled a list of things we will need to bring this day. Please keep things as warm as possible. Please comment below on what you might be able to bring to help us round off the breakfast!

- Scrambled Eggs to feed 50 folks (3 people needed to bring this) + salt and pepper

- Bacon (50-100 strips) - Costco has a "just heat it" Kirkland package that has about 80 strips, so this may the be easiest route. (3 people needed to bring this)

- 2 Tubs of Butter and 3 Bottles of Syrup (2 people needed to bring this)

- 3 gallons of Orange Juice + 1 gallon of cold water (2 people to bring this)

- Large thermos of coffee (one person to bring this -- remember, we need to have at least 100 cups of coffee available) including sugar and creamer (1 person to bring this - would Covenant Heights be able to provide this, Kimie, given they probably have bigger thermoses and such? : )

- 150 Paper Plates, 150 napkins, forks and cups (cups should be able to hold both hot and cold beverages) (1 person needed to bring this)

There MAY be changes to specific needs, but we hope this covers most everything.

We should be done about 11am and remember NO EVENING GATHERING THIS DAY!

Attendees (12)