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Invest Gainesville is open to members only to attend workshops, We changed our format from holding monthly video and site visits to a bi-monthly week-night workshop and a bi-monthly video with sit visit. This group is designed to teach future investors or first time home buyers how to evaluate real estate and how to make and offer and negotiate an offer. We offer free tools to determine value, cash-flow and remodeling cost. This is a small group workshop with no more than 16 seats available and we recommend you RSVP for each workshop. This is not a "Get Rich Quick" seminar. This is real instruction with useful tools and training to assist you with your real estate purchasing skills to include an introduction to the wholesale real estate business with the following warning.

This Program does not support Wholesale Real Estate practices. We encourage our members to develop long term goals and the skills to determine values of real estate.

A presumption against unlicensed wholesalers in Florida, those that market and assign contracts that they enter into.

Florida Statute 475.43 provides as follows:

In all criminal cases, contempt cases, and other cases filed pursuant to this chapter, if a party has sold, leased, or let real estate, the title to which was not in the party when it was offered for sale, lease, or letting, or such party has maintained an office bearing signs that real estate is for sale, lease, or rental thereat, or has advertised real estate for sale, lease, or rental, generally, or describing property, the title to which was not in such party at the time, it shall be a presumption that such party was acting or attempting to act as a real estate broker, and the burden of proof shall be upon him or her to show that he or she was not acting or attempting to act as a broker or sales associate. All contracts, options, or other devices not based upon a substantial consideration, or that are otherwise employed to permit an unlicensed person to sell, lease, or let real estate, the beneficial title to which has not, in good faith, passed to such party for a substantial consideration, are hereby declared void and ineffective in all cases, suits, or proceedings had or taken under this chapter; however, this section shall not apply to irrevocable gifts, to unconditional contracts to purchase, or to options based upon a substantial consideration actually paid and not subject to any agreements to return or right of return reserved.

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