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Geared towards beginners and seasoned investors (active and passive) looking to level up their skills, network, team and deal flow along with their bank accounts, free time etc…You get the point. With a primary focus on multifamily apartment real estate we aim to be a catalytic resource to help investors take action and push their real estate goals from dreams to reality. [Read: Get deals done.] We are for those that want to come together to learn, challenge each other, build partnerships, find deals, raise capital, close deals and take them through their full life cycle.

Expect to meet mentors, partners, private lenders, equity investors, syndicators with proven track records, beginners, professionals in lending, property management, Tax/Accounting, Insurance, Tech, Agents and other industries related to real estate, like minded individuals ready to take action.

Expect to learn how to build a portfolio of apartments, multi-family real estate investments, grow passive income as a means to achieve personal goals.

Expect to do deals, hold partners and members accountable to progress, share your experience, network, and grow your real estate portfolio, build teams and partnerships.

With events in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx there's something here for everyone. Joining this group will allow you to connect to those who are already taking action towards their goals, scaling their portfolios and provide a wealth of resources and knowledge so you can do the same.

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Mastering The Top 3 Real Estate Investing Rules: Location, Location, Location

Summer Speaker Series: Mastering The Top 3 Rules of Real Estate Investing: Location, Location, Location Presented by InvestUP! And Apartment Investment Mastery - NYC. You can fix and flip a building. You can tear it down and rebuild something completely new. One thing that you can’t do however, is change a location. As real estate investors understanding the market and submarkets you are investing in is critical to the success of your investment. Real estate is a long term game and if you start off with the wrong choices you may face an uphill battle trying to make your investment profitable. Whether you invest in apartments, mobile homes, fix and flips, airbnb vacation rentals etc. understanding your target market is critical. At this Summer Speaker Series Event we will be hearing from Julia Bykhovskaia, Sunsail Capital on how to find the best markets to invest in and how to overcome the mistakes that many investors make in selecting target markets. As we will be partnering with the Apartment Investment Master – NYC meetup group you will also get the opportunity to network with other investors actually taking action and doing deals. Expect to learn the following: -Why target market selection is so important -Why many investors fail before starting -How to safely invest long distance/out of state -What criteria to use in selecting a target market -What are the RED FLAGS of a bad market -Quick tips and benchmarks that make selecting a market easier -How to identify up and coming markets before anyone else -Answers to the question: Where are the deals? Date: July 31, 2019 Time: 6:00 PM EDT Location: WeWork 315 W 36th St · New York, NY 36th St between 9th and 8th avenue Near the A/C/E Train at 34th St Penn Station A/C/E/N/Q/R/W/7 at Time Sq – 42nd St. Agenda: 6:00PM Networking 6:30PM-7:30PM Presentation and Q&A 7:30PM-8:00PM Networking Our goal is that everyone in this group would do at least one deal this year! This group was created for investors, both beginner and experienced with proven track records to meet up and get deals done. Individuals who are motivated, action oriented, dedicated and ready to collaborate to do deals now. In a great market even bad deals have a better chance of succeeding. Join us to learn how to set yourself up for success by choosing the best markets to invest in.

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