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Hi freelancers, digital-nomads, creators, artists and developers, we are creating the "creators platform" -
A "publish house platform of the creative people/class", which is owned only by companies being partly owned equally by artists and/or developers, as the other fixed part is owned by their producers/investors (here is the precise agreement: Scomcoms (https://hopeisback.com/#comcomized) ) here is a coworking spaces map (https://www.coworker.com/map) for spreading our (https://hopeisback.com/#registering) mission,
from #Hopeisback (https://hopeisback.com/#publishhouseplatform) TelegramChannel (https://t.me/s/hopeisback)

note: This group was initiated in chiang mai and is made for the use of all people in the world.

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