IoT Meetup #5 - Business Models within IoT

This is a past event

22 people went


Hello IoT enthusiasts!

We had this question of one of our members whether IoT is all about makers. The answer is - No. In fact there are many business opportunities still to be found.

This time we will look at IoT from a different angle - or how to make viable business out of IoT project. In more details we will examine what are the common perceptions of what business model is and how IoT affects the "well known" ones.

1. What is a business model (BM)? - The basics

- How can you define it? Why is it important?

- What are its components? Tools.

- BM patterns.

2. IoT and business models.

- Why IoT BM are interesting. Enablers. Trends

- Examination of some IoT BMs with real examples.

- Discussion on other member's experience on the topic.

- Open discussion

Again lets thank Uffe Koch (Miracle) and Christoffer Mørch (Ideaal) for welcoming us in their working space - 3rd time in a row. Thank you! :)

Also note that this time seats will be limited to 30.

As always any suggestions and ideas are welcome.

See you there,