Open Source Software & Industrial IoT (Meetup #3)


In unserem nächsten Meetup wollen wir uns mit Open-Source-Software für das Industrial IoT beschäftigen. Speaker ist Christofer Dutz, der das Projekt Apache PLC4X ins Leben gerufen hat ( und sich in der IoT-Open-Source-Welt bei der Apache Foundation auskennt wie in seiner Westentasche. ;)

Der Talk kann auf Deutsch oder Englisch gehalten werden/The talk can be held in English or German, depending on the audience.

Apache IoT: A trip from the chip to the cloud

There’s currently a lot of momentum in the IoT sector of Open Source. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of all of the projects that are available and are currently evolving.
In this talk I’ll take you on a ride through the projects the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has to offer.

We’ll start this journey on embedded hardware and go all the way up into the cloud.

Projects we’ll be talking about:
Apache MyNewt
Apache PLC4X
Apache Edgent
Apache NiFi
Apache Camel
Apache IoTDB
Apache Kafka

I hope after this session you’ll all know what tools are available in the ASF IoT toolkit and what you can use them for.

Being the VP of the Apache PLC4X project, I’ll also do a little deeper dive into the current possibilities of communicating with industrial hardware with the Apache PLC4X project.

Christofer Dutz, Senior IoT Consultant, codecentric AG
Full-blooded Apache and Open-Source enthusiast. Invests all of his work and private time in multiple Apache projects. Deeply interested in the IoT area, he is currently VP of the Apache PLC4X project and deeply involved in Apache Edgent (incubator) as well as mentor to the Apache IoTDB (incubating) podling.