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Intro to the World of Modern, Open SBCs - Arduino, Raspberry, Galileo and More
Get an in-depth intro into the world of single board computer (SBCs) and how they can be used in prototyping hardware product development, robotics - or even to learn as a hobby. More info to follow of what will be covered, speakers, time and date.

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Everything is becoming a part of the connected world through the internet today. Cars, thermostats, refrigerators, TVs, pets, factories, infrastructure - even you. The list goes on, more and more - everything will eventually have some type of connectivity to the global network, the internet.

Internet of Things (IOT) of MD is primarily focused to educate and empower, hardware entrepreneurs, startups, developers and enthusiasts to learn and move forward with their projects and solutions. We are also going to concentrate heavily on industrial design, project management and product development which are key to taking a new product from idea to market.

This meetup group has no designated city assigned, it will roam throughout the MD region simultaneously hosting events in but not limited to Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Howard County, Baltimore, Towson, Annapolis and other locations.

Events are listed and will be scheduled soon. We are waiting for Meetup to announce the group and to get a few more people on board. But we have the full support the larger groups in Startups Central to begin.

Evangelism is great, but applied - hands-on is much better.

This group was created by a growing community Startups Central to supplement our need to cover the hardware startup scene. We are not just another meetup group of tech evangelists that just talks about tech and leave you hanging for more. The Startups Central network of groups apply our unique style of interactive and hands-on activities to the mix. Through a series of in depth activities, you will experience and learn more about a specific topic to make better, more informed decisions, and move forward with your project/solution.

Internet of Things are just a portion of what will be covered in this group, we are going to dive into product development/design, consumer electronics, robotics, drones - anything that is hot and can be taken to market. Business development, marketing, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, manufacturing - everything will be on the table to be covered to take you from idea to market.

The applications and use cases for this new world of connectivity are numerous, the implications and economic impacts are staggering. Are you ready?

BTW, there is a high possibility that you will be able to apply what you learn on a more permanent basis. We are working on establishing a maker/co-working space where you will be able to build the next big thing. This will be a mixed use spot where we will also host events, workshops and other activities. First phase will include workstations, 3D Printers, Laser CNC machines, textile tools and more.

Internet of Things MD is a growing community of people and organizations who are creating, using, investing in, and supporting the Internet of Things or "IoT" which is pronounced "Eye-oh-Tee.". The community is made up of people who want to understand more about the technologies, business models, opportunities, and risks involved in the Internet of Things.

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