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We meet for talks and workshops about IoT engineering topics - including Programming, Electronics and 3D-Printing. Learn about Bluetooth, Mesh Networking, 3D Model Design, PCB Editing, Web IoT Standards and many other fascinating technologies and skills.

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IoT, The Cloud and a Museum walk into a bar... 🍻

When you starting working on a new IoT project, you have so much on your plate: getting the electronics right, programming the device, connecting it to the internet, and also building a web page or mobile to control it remotely. Luckily, there are a few shortcuts you can take - such as taking advantage of existing cloud solutions to accelerate your prototyping and focus on the actual device. In this meetup, you will learn about these solutions and even see them in action with a Raspberry Pi live-demo! In addition to that, Ido is going to show us how he used Arduino, Kinect, and related technologies to build interactive experiences for museums and exhibition centers. Yes, he gets paid for building stuff with Arduino. Exciting times! Many thanks to AWS Floor 28 for hosting us this time, and EventHandler for recording the talks πŸ™ This event will be held in Hebrew. Event Agenda: 18:00 - Meet & Pizzas πŸ• 18:30 - AWS IoT From Cloud to Edge, Boaz Ziniman 18:55 - Short break 19:00 - From Raspberry Pi to IoT Fleet: Device Shadow and Rules Engine, Shachar Carmel 19:20 - Short break! 19:30 - Museums β™₯ Makers: Interactive Experiences FTW, Ido Viron 19:55 - Raffle! --- β›… AWS IoT From Cloud to Edge / Boaz Ziniman β›… AWS IoT is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. With AWS Greengrass you can extends AWS IoT Core onto your devices at the edge, so they can act locally on the data they generate. In this session we discuss the challenges of running IoT devices and how we solve them with AWS IoT that let you build powerful IoT and edge compute applications. In this tech talk, we will discuss how constrained devices (such as ESP8266/ESP32) can leverage AWS IoT. πŸ€– From Raspberry Pi to IoT Fleet: Device Shadow and Rules Engine / Shachar Carmel πŸ€– You have a great idea for the next IoT startup. You take a Raspberry Pi, and a few hours later you got a quick prototype of the hardware, controlled by a carefully-crafted Python script. Awesome! But how do you connect it the the cloud and remotely-control it? And what happens when you have more than 1 device? Let's say 1 million? Enter AWS Device Shadow and Rules Engine. In this session, you will see a live demo showing how these two components can be combined to create a central management solution for all of your connected devices, querying and controlling their state, easily integrating them with other cloud services, and supporting offline usage and automatic state synchronization. And the best part? I'll share with you all the source code of the demo, so you can try it at home too! 🎨 Museums β™₯ Makers: Interactive Experiences FTW / Ido Viron 🎨 What does a Raspberry Pi do in a Museum? Over the last few years, Museums and visitor centers are building interactive experiences as a new way of engaging their audience, providing them a unique and innovative form to present a narrative. In this talk, I'll show you some exciting projects I built for museums, and see how technologies such as Arduino and Kinect are at the core of the interactive-exhibition revolution. We'll talk both about the technical side and the human side of these projects, and explore the technological challenges behind this projects (and how we make them kid-robust).

🐍 Hands-On Python IoT Workshop: Circuit Playground Express! 🐍

TL;DR: Learn how you can use Python to control IoT device with many sensors! πŸ’» You need to bring your Laptop πŸ’» πŸ”Œ Please also bring a Micro-USB Cable πŸ”Œ Circuit Playground Express is a beginner friendly board that is packed with sensors, LEDs and peripherals and can be programmed using Arduino, Python, JavaScript and even using MakeCode, a block-based interface. We will meet for a free hands-on workshop where you will be able to experiment with this board and program it using the Python language. No prior Python knowledge is required, but some programming experience is strongly recommended. You need to bring your laptop and a Micro-USB cable. We have a very limited number of boards, so please RSVP only if you know you will be able to make it. What's on these boards? β€’ 10 mini NeoPixels, each one can display any color β€’ Triple-axis accelerometer Motion sensor with tap detection β€’ Temperature sensor β€’ Light/color sensor β€’ Sound sensor (MEMS microphone) β€’ Mini speaker with class D amplifier β€’ 2 Push buttons and a Slide switch β€’ Infrared receiver and transmitter, can also act as a proximity sensor β€’ 7 Capacitive touch inputs and 1 true analog output β€’ 2 MB of SPI Flash storage for code and libraries β€’ USB port that can act like serial port, keyboard, mouse, joystick or MIDI For more information, check out the product page: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3333 Thanks Palo Alto Networks for hosting us this time! πŸ™ Note: This is a small, intimate event, and the goal is to experiment and learn. Please be respectful to the other attendees, keep the atmosphere friendly and encouraging, and only RSVP if you are absolutely sure you can make it, as we have very limited spots. Let's have some great time together 😁

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