• 3D Printing and modeling for developers! (Online Event)

    Online event

    What can the 3D printer do for you?

    This online meeting is your opportunity to learn both about the technology and how you can use your engineering skills to design useful 3D printed objects with just a few lines of code!

    We will start by covering the basics of 3D printing - a brief overview of the available printing materials, popular printer models, explaining the FDM printing process, talking about STL and gcode files, and where to find 3D printable files.

    We will then take a deep dive into OpenSCAD: a developer friendly 3D modeling tool!

    You'll learn:
    ▸ How to set up your environment
    ▸ How to design for 3D printing
    ▸ How to code your first 3D model
    ▸ Avoiding common design errors
    ▸ Best practices for getting successful prints on the first try

    - 19:00 - Getting started with 3D printing
    - 19:30 - 3D Modeling with OpenSCAD
    - 20:00 - Q&A

    See you!

  • Circuit Python IoT Makers Challenge Live Q&A

    Online event

    Would you like to participate in our IoT Makers Israel Stay @ Home Challenge but not quite sure how and where to start?
    Or maybe you need some help with CircuitPython, setting it up or getting some inspiration?

    We've organized this live Q&A session especially for you!

    In addition to answering your questions, we'll also have a quick demo of the board and how to write code for it.

    This online meetup is free for everyone.

    For more details about the ongoing challenge and the prizes you can win, check out the event page:

  • IoT Makers Israel Stay@Home Challenge 🏠🤖🙀

    Needs a location

    TL;DR: Create an hardware/electronics projects, upload the video by 7.5, and win cool hardware prizes 🏆

    Hi IoT Makers!

    In order to break the routine, improve your mood 🤪 and save you from yet another ZOOM meeting... You are invited to take part in the #IoTMakersChallenge sponsored by Adafruit Industries 🍻

    Ready for the challenge?
    Take out your Circuit Playground Express and get creative...
    Think of an interesting project that you want to do (it can be anything).

    Want to participate, but don't have a kit? Don't worry, there is a simulator you can use:

    If you prefer JavaScript or graph-programming (Scratch-style), we have a solution for you too:

    How about some inspiration?

    To participate in the challenge, shoot a short video of the your project and upload it to our IoT Makers Israel Facebook group:
    and tag it with #IoTMakersChallenge.

    If this is your first project in the field, don't forget mention it.

    Follow the activity on facebook 🍻

    The challenge will end on 7.5, the winning projects 🏆🥇(according to criteria of originality and audience affection) will receive hardware prizes 🎁 from our sponsors: Adafruit Industries.

    Ready ... Set ... Make!

  • IoT, The Cloud and a Museum walk into a bar... 🍻

    AWS Floor28

    When you starting working on a new IoT project, you have so much on your plate: getting the electronics right, programming the device, connecting it to the internet, and also building a web page or mobile to control it remotely.

    Luckily, there are a few shortcuts you can take - such as taking advantage of existing cloud solutions to accelerate your prototyping and focus on the actual device. In this meetup, you will learn about these solutions and even see them in action with a Raspberry Pi live-demo!

    In addition to that, Ido is going to show us how he used Arduino, Kinect, and related technologies to build interactive experiences for museums and exhibition centers. Yes, he gets paid for building stuff with Arduino. Exciting times!

    Many thanks to AWS Floor 28 for hosting us this time, and EventHandler for recording the talks 🙏
    This event will be held in Hebrew.

    Event Agenda:
    18:00 - Meet & Pizzas 🍕
    18:30 - AWS IoT From Cloud to Edge, Boaz Ziniman
    18:55 - Short break
    19:00 - From Raspberry Pi to IoT Fleet: Device Shadow and Rules Engine, Shachar Carmel
    19:20 - Short break!
    19:30 - Museums ♥ Makers: Interactive Experiences FTW, Ido Viron
    19:55 - Raffle!


    ⛅ AWS IoT From Cloud to Edge / Boaz Ziniman ⛅
    AWS IoT is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. With AWS Greengrass you can extends AWS IoT Core onto your devices at the edge, so they can act locally on the data they generate. In this session we discuss the challenges of running IoT devices and how we solve them with AWS IoT that let you build powerful IoT and edge compute applications. In this tech talk, we will discuss how constrained devices (such as ESP8266/ESP32) can leverage AWS IoT.

    🤖 From Raspberry Pi to IoT Fleet: Device Shadow and Rules Engine / Shachar Carmel 🤖
    You have a great idea for the next IoT startup. You take a Raspberry Pi, and a few hours later you got a quick prototype of the hardware, controlled by a carefully-crafted Python script. Awesome! But how do you connect it the the cloud and remotely-control it? And what happens when you have more than 1 device? Let's say 1 million?

    Enter AWS Device Shadow and Rules Engine. In this session, you will see a live demo showing how these two components can be combined to create a central management solution for all of your connected devices, querying and controlling their state, easily integrating them with other cloud services, and supporting offline usage and automatic state synchronization. And the best part? I'll share with you all the source code of the demo, so you can try it at home too!

    🎨 Museums ♥ Makers: Interactive Experiences FTW / Ido Viron 🎨
    What does a Raspberry Pi do in a Museum? Over the last few years, Museums and visitor centers are building interactive experiences as a new way of engaging their audience, providing them a unique and innovative form to present a narrative.

    In this talk, I'll show you some exciting projects I built for museums, and see how technologies such as Arduino and Kinect are at the core of the interactive-exhibition revolution. We'll talk both about the technical side and the human side of these projects, and explore the technological challenges behind this projects (and how we make them kid-robust).

  • 💡📶 Let's Play With (Web) Bluetooth! 🤖⌚💻

    HubStair Innovation community

    Let's meet for hands-on experimentation on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices!

    The Thingy:52 is sensor-packed Bluetooth Low Energy device that enables quick experimentation and prototyping of IoT solutions. We'll bring a bunch of these devices and you'll be able to play with them and explore them.

    We will start with a quick demonstration of the Thingy:52 devices - their sensors and how to use a free app called "nRF Connect" for connecting and experimenting with the devices.

    After that - hacking time starts! You can work on your own, connect to them with your mobile phone and write macros, and even create a small Web Bluetooth application that connects to the device and controls it. We will provide an example to get you up and running quickly!

    Bringing your laptop is recommended, especially if you want to experiment with Web Bluetooth.

    If you want to learn more about the Thingy:52 and Bluetooth Low Energy, check out these talks from our BLE event earlier this year:

    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4R1A12qPFY
    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI_lpSIORU4

    Here are some of the hardware goodies you'll find on the Thingy:52
    * RGB Led
    * Tactile Push Button
    * Color sensor
    * 9-axis Motion tracking sensor: accelerometer, gyroscope and compass
    * Low-power accelerometer
    * Digital Microphone
    * Speaker
    * Gas (air quality) sensor
    * Humidity and temperature sensor
    * Pressure & Altitude sensor
    * NFC

    Thanks HodashDev and HubStair for hosting us this time! 🙏

    Note: This is a small, informal event, and the goal is to experiment and learn. Please be respectful to the other attendees, keep the atmosphere friendly and encouraging, and only RSVP if you are absolutely sure you can make it, as we have very limited spots.

    Let's have some great time together 😁

  • IoT Security, DiY Smart Home, and More!

    Oracle Development Center

    Learn about IoT Security, discover how to get started with building your own smart home, and see how to use Arduino and maker tools to create engaging educational experiences for your family!

    Many thanks to Oracle Tel Aviv for hosting us this time 🙏

    Event Agenda:
    18:00 - Meet & Pizzas 🍕
    18:30 - DiY Smart Home, Doron Ben Elazar
    18:50 - Hacking RF based IoT Devices, Erez Metula
    19:30 - Short break!
    19:40 - Building Arduino RFID Cards Spelling Game for My 4-year-old, Tal Ofer
    19:55 - Raffle!


    🤖 DiY Smart Home / Doron 🤖
    Let me take you into a journey of making your home work for you. We'll see how connecting your home appliances to the internet can make your life much more fun, save you money, and help the environment.
    After introducing some off-the-self solutions (Switcher, Sensibo, Nest), I'll walk you through the basics of the DiY path, exploring technologies such as 433MHz, ZigBee, Raspberry Pi, MQTT, and explaining how to integrate everything using solutions such as HomeAssistant, Google Home, and IFTTT.
    Take command of your home!

    🔐 Hacking RF based IoT Devices / Erez Metula 🔐
    When doing a security assessment, observing how a device communicates with the outside world is a must. It tells you what it sends and receives, and in general let you understand if it can be attacked. We have tools and methods to do it for the server side API, the associated mobile apps, the web apps and so on - but what about the device itself (the "thing")? Moreover, what happens if the device is not using traditional HTTP/S request, or does not even "speak" plain old TCP/IP?

    During this talk, we'll go over the obstacles we have to face when analyzing unknown, custom RF based communication that drives the target IoT system we're pentesting. We'll talk about and see in action the tools that will allow us to capture RF traffic, analyze it, brute force it, replay it, and of course forge it. It's like common attacks, but at the RF level. So let's hack some things belonging to the real world!

    🧠 Building Arduino RFID Cards Spelling Game for My 4-year-old / Tal Ofer 🧠
    My kid loves spelling, and I love making stuff for him. However, when I gave him a spelling app, my phone would end up with 200 new apps installed, some exotic items ordered from amazon, and somehow my 4-yo even managed to make some long-distance phone calls... As you can tell, we needed a better solution.

    Thus, I decided to build him a physical spelling game using RFID card readers, ESP8266 and a few other parts. It worked so well, that I expanded the game with math problems too!
    In my talk, I will tell you all about how the game is built, the hardware that I used, the challenges, and show you the end result.


    Erez Metula is the founder and chairman of AppSec Labs, a leading company in the field of application security.He is the author of the book "Managed Code Rootkits", and is a world renowned application security expert. Erez has extensive hands-on experience performing security assessments, code reviews and secure development trainings for worldwide organizations, and had previously talked at international security conferences such as BlackHat, Defcon, OWASP, RSA, SOURCE, CanSecWest and more. Erez had helped companies from all sizes, from startups to fortune 500 organizations. Erez focuses on advanced application security topics and has performed extensive ground breaking research on mobile application security. Erez holds an MSc in computer science.

    Tal is a maker @ heart, been taking things apart since I was a kid, lately finally learned how to assemble them back.

  • CircuitPython Hands-On Workshop 🐍🕯

    Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv

    *** CircuitPython Hanukkah Fest ***

    Circuit Playground Express is a beginner friendly board that is packed with sensors, LEDs and peripherals and can be programmed using Arduino, Python, JavaScript and even using MakeCode, a block-based interface.

    We will meet for a free mini-workshop where you will be able to experiment with this board and program it using the Python language. No prior Python knowledge is required, but some programming experience is strongly recommended.

    You need to bring your laptop and a Micro-USB cable. We have a very limited number of boards, so please RSVP only if you know you will be able to make it.

    What's on these boards?
    • 10 mini NeoPixels, each one can display any color
    • Triple-axis accelerometer Motion sensor with tap detection
    • Temperature sensor
    • Light/color sensor
    • Sound sensor (MEMS microphone)
    • Mini speaker with class D amplifier
    • 2 Push buttons and a Slide switch
    • Infrared receiver and transmitter, can also act as a proximity sensor
    • 7 Capacitive touch inputs and 1 true analog output
    • 2 MB of SPI Flash storage for code and libraries
    • USB port that can act like serial port, keyboard, mouse, joystick or MIDI

    For more information, check out the product page: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3333

  • PCB Design Hands-on Course: Make your own Arduino Shield + STM32 Game

    Take your Arduino and electronics skills to the next level: learn how to turn your projects into Printed Circuit Boards!

    This hands-on course will take you all the way from design to a functional, assembled PCB. You will start by building your own Arduino shield, and then move on to creating a custom, standalone memory game based on an STM32 microprocessor, with buttons, LEDs, a buzzer, and powered by a small coin-cell battery.

    We'll cover everything you need to know: schematic capture, board layout, Surface Mount technology (SMT), routing, reading datasheets and understanding part numbers, sourcing components, working with different microcontrollers such as STM32, sending your board for manufacturing and assembly in China, and more!

    The course include 5 meetings of 2.5 hours, and you can find the complete agenda here:


    By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge you need to create PCBs for your projects, as well as how to manufacture your designs. You will also create 2 different boards, we'll take care of the manufacturing, and of course you get to keep them and take them home with you! 🎁

    You will need to bring along a laptop with Windows 10 or Mac (contact us for a different OS) and a lot of motivation to learn and experiment :-)

    📅 Course Schedule 📅
    The meetings will take place in MakeLaB Yehud.
    The dates for the meetings are: 28.11, 5.12, 12.12, 19.12, 2.1

    ✅ Required Experience ✅
    You need to have programming experience (language doesn't matter - Python, JavaScript, C, Java, C#, C++ are all fine). No need for electronics background (though it doesn't hurt), we will explain all the basics in the first meeting.

    📝 Course registration 📝

    The price is 2200 NIS per each attendee.
    Manufacturing your projects, components and shipping costs are all on us - no extra payment required!

    *** Register here: ***


  • I built that on GeekCon - Maker Projects Show'n'Tell

    Facebook - Sarona

    What happens when you take 100+ makers, artists, and engineers, put them all together in a workshop full of tools, equipment, and 3D printers, and let their imagination lead their work for a weekend? 🤓

    Geekcon is an ongoing experiment that tries to answer exactly that! Every year, just before Rosh Hashana, tens of crazy projects get built under the moto: "If you haven't failed, you didn't aim high enough!". And surely, these makers aim very high! 🏹

    This meeting is all about the crazy projects people have been building in Geekcon over the years. This is the first time their story is told - from the conception, through planning and improvising with what they had around, until a working project. Or better - tried-but-miserably-failed project. 😲

    These projects often involve interesting technological and mechanical challenges, and clever usage of maker tools such as Arduino, servos, cables ties, and stepper motors, and the speakers are going to share with you all the juicy details! 🤖

    Event agenda:
    18:00 - Meet and Enjoy some Pizza and drinks 🍕
    18:30 - The Talks Start. We start on time, don't be late! 🎤

    - Inbar Raz
    - Michael Sverdlin
    - Liron Finegold
    - Dorin Shani & Avi Ostfeld
    - Eyal Hershko
    - Uri Shaked

    Want to speak too? We still have some spots open:

    The event will take place in Facebook offices, Azrieli Sarona tower - thanks you for hosting us!

    Important: when you RSVP, please include your email address so we will be able to check you in through the Facebook guest registration system.