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IoT NY #52: Signal Processing and Predictive Analytics in IoT

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Andrew S. and Timescale
IoT NY #52: Signal Processing and Predictive Analytics in IoT


Meetup agenda:
6:00-6:20 - Pre-event Networking, Pizza & Drinks
6:20-6:30 - Meetup Introduction
6:30-7:15 - Stuart from RealityAI presents + Q&A
7:15-8:00 - Saar from Augury presents + Q&A
8:00-8:30 - Post-event Networking

This Meetup will focus on Signal Processing (analyzing, synthesizing, and modifying signal data) and Predictive Analytics (analyzing current and historical facts to make predictions about future or otherwise unknown events) within the context of IoT. These data analytics and machine learning techniques are often employed for the efficient servicing of connected devices and machines before failure or catastrophe, thereby reducing the time, money and pain of owner, operator, or customer.

Joining us to discuss these topics are:
Speaker: Stuart Feffer, Co-Founder & CEO @ Reality AI (
About Reality AI: Intended for use by R&D departments at companies creating devices and equipment instrumented with sensors, Reality AI Tools generate detection code that can be incorporated into our customer’s products, running either in the cloud, or at the edge on inexpensive, commodity hardware. Reality AI holds 10 patents and 6 patents-pending, all in the field of machine learning as applied to sensors and signals.

Talk abstract: Sensors are everywhere - wearables, connected devices, even “old industry” products are now becoming instrumented and turning “smart.” But working with sensor data - particularly sensor data in the form of signals - can be very difficult. High sample-rate signals like sound, vibration, accelerometry and electrical signals are usually the domain of the signal processing engineer, but there are new machine learning and AI-driven techniques that make these types of data much easier to work with, and much easier to blend with data from other sensors. This session will help you better understand:

• The difference between time-series and signal data in sensors
• How to determine the right approach for working with each
• How to use the latest ML and AI techniques on this kind of data
• Differences using embedded solutions and the tools available to help

Speaker Bio: Stuart is co-founder and CEO of Reality AI, an artificial intelligence company focusing on sensors and signals. The technology behind Reality AI was originally developed for the defense and intelligence sector, but is now available for commercial use. Stuart was previously co-CEO of LaCrosse, a technology and operations platform for investment funds that was acquired by Wells Fargo. He has a PhD from UC Berkeley and a BA from the University of Chicago.

== AND ==
Speaker: Saar Yoskovitz, CEO / Co-Founder @ Augury (
About Augury: Augury brings internet-age technologies into the maintenance world and combines them with the gold-standard practices of Predictive Maintenance. We teamed up certified Vibration Analysis experts with Machine Learning algorithm experts – in order to build the mechanical diagnostics platform of the Internet of Things.

Talk abstract: Coming soon!

Speaker Bio: Saar, an avid entrepreneur, has extensive experience in Machine Learning, Signal Processing Algorithms, and System Architecture. Prior to founding Augury Systems, Saar worked as an Analog Architect at Intel. Saar holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and a B.Sc. in Physics from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion). During his studies, Saar initiated a voluntary project called “Select – Students for Technological Advancement,” for which he received the Israel’s Council of Higher Education (MALAG) award for social involvement.
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335 Madison Ave, 16th Floor · New York, NY
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