IoT NY #56: Why IoT doesn’t exist, but will still reshape our lives

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In this Meetup we'll learn how the IoT is being implemented across various industries and why it is important to consider IoT in the specific context of their specific industry.

(This talk is originally being delivered at StrataData NYC on 9/14. To register for StrataData NYC and receive 20% off use code TimescaleDB20)

After years of hype, the internet of things has become a cliched term bandied about by analysts and companies trying to sell their services. Part of the problem is the attachment to a label that, for example, places wind turbine vibration sensors in the same jargon-bucket as a voice-activated home speaker that can control our lights. This giant market we call the internet of things, seemingly encompassing everything from wearables to autonomous vehicles to smart homes, factories, and cities, simply does not exist.

Yet there is change afoot, reshaping our industries, our lives, and the world itself—change driven by fundamental technological shifts: cheaper, more powerful hardware, nearly ubiquitous connectivity, cloud and edge computing. We’re witnessing an evolution of computing, as it expands from mainframes (one computer for many people) to desktops (one computer per person) to mobile (multiple computers per person) to the phenomenon we see today (one to many computers per “thing”).

Ajay Kulkarni explores the underlying changes that are characterizing the next wave of computing happening and shares several ways in which individual businesses and overall industries will be transformed.

About your Speaker:
Ajay Kulkarni is the cofounder and CEO of TimescaleDB, developers of the first open-source time-series database that natively supports full SQL. It is deployed in production across industries all around the world for powering applications in DevOps, IoT, SaaS, Machine Learning, and more.
Previously, Ajay cofounded communication data analysis company Sensobi (acquired in 2011 by GroupMe, later acquired by Skype/Microsoft) and led the mobile engineering team at GroupMe, which grew to millions of daily users and billions of monthly messages over a short period of time. His experience also includes roles at Citigroup, Microsoft, and several startups. Ajay holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from MIT and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is an avid runner and conscientiously maintains an up-to-date list of the top ice cream shops in NYC.